Thursday, 22 October 2015

My Top Ten Spooky Movies

Omg everyone! It's only 9 days 'til Halloween and as you can probably tell I'm a little excited! I can't  wait to carve my pumpkin, decorate my bedroom with some cute spooky decorations, binge watch horror movies and get dressed up for my friend's halloween party! Halloween was on my mind pretty much all day yesterday because I was checking all the items that had arrived in the post this week off my halloween costume list and thinking about where to put up my decorations... and so was inspired to do a halloween-themed post. I hope you enjoy reading! I'd love to know what your favourite spooky movies are :)

My Favourite Horror/Thriller Movies 

(1) The People Under the Stairs
(2) The Devils Rejects 
(3) The Lost Boys
(4) House of Wax
(5) Halloween (The 2007 Remake)

I'm a fan of classic horror movies, especially those from the 80's. Although, there's more recent horrors I've enjoyed, I don't like cheesy movies, filled with endless gore with no in-depth storylines. I'm all about the story behind the horror movie, like the 'based on a true story' kind and the ones that seem like they could actually happen. That being said, I love The Lost Boys and enjoy other vampire movies, as well as some slasher movies. Rob Zombie movies are great! The Devil Rejects was almost placed at the top of my list... I like how the movie has a good balance of storyline and gore, and I like the characters. I really enjoyed Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween, as I feel it gave us more of a background story.

 My Favourite Halloween Movies

(1) The Nightmare Before Christmas  
(2) The Addams Family
(3) Beetlejuice
(4) The Little Shop of Horrors (I know this isn't a halloween movie but I love it!)
(5) Pan's Labyrinth

There's a debate over whether TNBC is a halloween movie or a christmas movie, but I think it suits both holidays well and I'm happy with any excuse to watch it! Don't you think one of the characters on my halloween marshmallow lolly looks a little like Barrel from the movie?! The Addams Family was my favourite halloween movie when I was younger... I wanted to look as beautiful as Morticia when I grew up and used to imagine myself as a member of their family! Also, Wednesday Addams is awesome! Everytime I think of Beetlejuice, the 'Day Oh, Banana Boat Song' scene instantly springs to mind and because I've written this, it's probably going to be struck in my head for hours now! 

So, who else loves horrors? 

 & what's your favourite movie to watch on Halloween? 



  1. I am now doomed to spend my day with the Banana Boat song in my head!
    I loooove all of your spooky choices but I'm more of a paranormal horror than a gore kinda lady so I'd make different horror choices haha!
    Kiah xxx

    1. haha sorry about that! :) although, it's a good song to have stuck in your head!
      Awesome, what's your favourite paranormal horror?


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