Thursday, 15 October 2015

Lush Haul

I went shopping in Preston, Lancashire yesterday. It's the closest city to me and it's better to travel there than to shop at my local shopping centre because there's more shops and just a better shopping atmosphere in general. Plus, it has a Lush store! 

I've been wanting to try Lush bath bombs for ages now, but since I spent the majority of my time over the last three years living in university campus accommodation where I only had a shower, I never had the opportunity to try any. I suppose I could have bought some when I was home for the holidays but I never got around to it but now I've graduated and I'm back home, I have no excuse! I went through a phase of using bath bombs when I was younger but I have sensitive skin and one of the bath bombs I once used irritated my skin so it put me off using them. Lush products have been recommended to me by my friends who also have sensitive skin, and when I tried my first lush bath bomb in June this year, I was not disappointed! I purchased the 'Dragon's Egg' bath bomb, which smelt lovely, left my skin soft and was so fun to use. There was an awesome surprise in the centre but I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't tried it yet. Seeing instagram photos of lush products has been very persuasive and so I've decided to try more bath bombs along with bubble bars and a body butter. 

1. Intergalactic bath bomb
2. The Experimenter bath bomb
3. Candy Mountain bubble bar 
4. Bar Humbug bubble bar 
5. Sakura bath bomb
6. Lemony Flutter cuticle butter 

 This bath bomb looks absolutely gorgeous and after seeing photographs of what it looks like once it's in the bath, I'm so so excited to use it! It has such pretty colours and the glitter just makes it look so magical

 I cannot resist bright coloured things so I had to get this bath bomb! I can't wait to see what colour it turns my bath water! 

 As soon as I saw the name of this bubble bar, the cartoon Charlie the Unicorn popped into my mind... 'We're going to Candy Mountain, Charlie!' haha :) Who else has seen these videos? I think they are hilarious! This bubble bar looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. It's such a pretty pink colour! 

 I wanted to try out a Christmas product, and when I heard this one made your bath water dark purple, I was intrigued. It has a strange scent, which I sort of like and don't like if that even makes sense. I wanted to try the Peeping Santa bubble bar but I decided to wait until it's closer to Christmas. 

 This bath bomb has such a pretty name... Sakura is a japanese word meaning 'Cherry Blossom'. I don't usually like floral scents, but I liked this one so I thought I'd give it a go. I've heard it makes your bath water turn pink...that shoud be fun!

 I LOVE the smell of this cuticle butter so much! It's really strong lemon, and i'm a big fan of citrus scents. I'm looking forward to my body smelling of lemons! It's a lovely bright colour too, and I'm hoping it helps fix the rough skin on my knees and feet. I'll report back in a few weeks :) 

Thanks for reading  

What's your favourite Lush product? 
Can you give me any recommendations on what to try next? 



  1. I love a good lush haul! Everything from there smells so amazing doesn't it?! I wish there was one closer to where I lived :( xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. I can tell that I'm going to get a little hooked on lush :) Yeah, everything just smells so great and I love how the bath bombs change the colour of the water!

      Me too! I hope they open one in your town one day, and in mine too!


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