Tuesday, 20 October 2015

October Wishlist

(1) Raspberry Sundae Yankee Candle from Tesco
(2) Jayne Tartan Scarf from Boohoo.com
(3) Elf Cross Body Bag from Asos
(4) Hazelnut Coffee Large Jar Candle from Yankee Candle 
(5) F&F Lace Up Hiker Boots from Tesco
(6) Antique Velvet Lipstick from Mac Cosmetics
(7) Halloween Melt Warmer from Yankee Candle
(8) Burgundy Crush Matte Nail Paint from Barry M
(9) Sleeveless Swing Tunic Dress With Embellishment from Yours Clothing
(10) Fox Washi Tape from lorabailora on Etsy 

You've probably gathered by now that autumn is my favourite time of year, and one of the many reasons for this is that I love the fashion, make-up and pretty much everything else available in the stores right now, which is why my wishlist is so big this month! 

I've always preferred dark-coloured clothing and have dressed mostly alternative for the past 10 years, so the clothes sold in this season are perfect for me. I really like the black swing tunic dress from Yours Clothing because the lovely red/pink embellishments make it a great dress for nights out but it's not too much and can be worn casually with jeans or leggings. I LOVE the scarf from Boohoo! I've always had a love/hate relationship with scarves... I love them because of all the pretty styles and colours you can buy but I get irritated with having something wrapped around my neck! Am I the only one? I've mostly purchased wool or silky scarves so I thought I'd give this material a try. I also really like tartan. Another bonus is that tartan looks good in winter, too... but if I like it, I'll probably wear it all year round on cold, rainy days. I have a few pairs of black/dark grey boots, and I wanted a change so these hiker boots have made it onto the wishlist this month. Everytime I see someone wearing brown boots, I wish I had some of my own so I think it's about time I did! 

I can't get enough of all the awesome scents that Yankee candle release at this time of year. I'm a big fan of sweet-scented candles and there's an array of these kinds in shops and online right now. There's a limited edition offer on for the large Hazelnut Coffee jar candle on the Yankee Candle website at the moment so check that out if you're interested. I'm really curious about the scent of this candle as I love the scent of coffee and I enjoyed Yankee's cappuccino truffle candle As for the halloween melt warmer, how adorable is it? I keep seeing it on instagram and I really need it! I will happily use it all year because it's just so cute and bright. 

Another thing I'm currently spotting all over instagram is brown shades of lipstick, and I really want to try them for myself and after a good search online, my favourite so far is the Mac 'Antique Velvet' shade. I think it looks so nice and I would love to add it to my small but ever-growing lipstick collection. No. 3 on my wishlist is not autumn themed I know, but how could I resist the adorableness of that bag? It feels like Christmas is fast approaching and its not even reached Halloween yet, but the stores are already stocking up on festive decorations, food and other wonderful items. I gave in and purchased my first Christmas items the other day, two festive marshmallow lollies! If I end up celebrating christmas with my friends at a fancy dress party this year, I was thinking of dressing as one of Santa's elves and so this Asos cross body bag will go so well with the rest of my costume :) 

Hope you have all have a fantastic day!


 Who else loves tartan? What's your favourite autumnn lipstick colour? 

& Who else has given in and purchased their first festive items of the year? 
I'd love to know what you bought!



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