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23rd Birthday Celebrations | Lifestyle

Earlier, you may have read my Part 1 post all about how I celebrated my 23rd birthday. Here's what I did later in the day after opening my presents, taking photographs for today's post and going for a nap since this chest infection I have is making me so exhausted. I received a lovely birthday parcel from one of my friends (containing American style jelly beans, a white rabbit tsum tsum, an adorable kawaii sticker pack & pen from TofuCute and a lovely postcard) so that was a great surprise! An online order I made earlier in the week also arrived so I was greeted with 7 new yankee candles... I'll write about them over the weekend :) 

So, in the late afternoon me & my mum had a little BBQ, which is something I've wanted to do on my birthday for a few years now. It was my mum's first time doing her own BBQ and we had fun sitting in the garden with my bunnies, eating yummy food. The weather was great and there were Speckled Wood butterflies flying around so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get some photographs for a photo-a-day challenge I'm taking part in on my instagram (Check out the collage I made here). Two of my brothers came over to see me later in the day so joined in with our BBQ, which was good because there was too much food for me & my mum to manage on our own

BBQ Birthday Celebrations

BBQ Birthday Celebrations

BBQ Birthday Celebrations

 ^ I'm quite a fussy eater, and I prefer my salad off my burger!

After the BBQ, my dad arrived and we all tucked into my birthday cake, it was a chocolate fudge cake *nom nom nom*! My mum attempted to write '23' on top using the candles, it was cute. For my birthday, my dad paid for the skater dress I wore for my party last week, and bought me an adorable Ty beanie monkey teddy. Here are some photographs of my other presents... 

Raiin Monkey: Birthday Celebrations

What I got for my Birthday

What I got for my Birthday

What I got for my Birthday

A Song of Ice and Fire

My favourite characters from the Song of Ice and Fire novels/ Game of Thrones TV series are Tyrion & Arya, so I love this little book of Tyrion quotes which my mum thinks is 'inappropriate' and 'rude', even though she enjoys watching the show! Who's your favourite GoT character(s)? 

My best friend bought me a very cute notebook that will be my next blog planner when the tokidoki one I'm using now is full, and she also got a lovely thoughtful book for me with motivational quotes and messages to cheer me up when I'm having a bad day. The pages are beautifully coloured, it's really pretty inside. Thanks Jess  

The last gift I'll show you is my new hare duvet cover from George at ASDA. It's only £10 and I adore it. It's a pale brown colour so I think it matches really well with my dark brown rabbit blanket and has an autumnal feel to it. It has another pattern on the reverse side with brown dots on. I love the look of my bed right now. 

What I got for my birthday

Thanks for reading! 


What are you most looking forward to this month? 
Other than Halloween! OMG HALLOWEEN! ^.^ too excited. 

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