Tuesday, 6 October 2015

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If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen my post that today is one of my lovely bunnies birthdays. Malakai is 8 years old today, which is pretty old for a rabbit. We've been nicknaming him 'Old Man' for years now & now it finally fits! He's a gorgeous grey-coloured lionhead, and him and his littermates were the first lionheads I'd ever seen. 8 years ago, my neighbour took me to a little farm so we could both choose a rabbit and I fell in love with him instantly! He was sitting in the corner of the hutch looking all shy and sweet, and I thought he was just so beautiful. I have him to thank for my obsession with lionhead rabbits!

Everytime its one of my bunnies birthdays, I have a little party for them They all get lots of yummy treats and usually a chew/toy too, but because I've been ill I've not been able to go out and get toys! So they'll have to wait until I'm well enough to go shopping again, but at least they got their treats of brussel sprouts (one of my Malakai's favourites), swede, banana chips & I also thought I'd give these fancy hays from B&M Bargins a try. So far I've only tried the bunnies with the dandelion one, and only two of them munched it straight away!

To tell you a little more about Malakai... he's a grumpy little bunny and grunts at me all the time, but once you've picked him up he's calm & well-behaved. We think he looks like a koala crossed with a yorkshire terrier :) He loves to jump and is a terror when you've trying to put him back in his hutch because he tries to jump back in! Anyone who has a rabbit will have seen them throw themselves dramatically over when they want to lay down and relax, and know well the way they stretch out on their side to have a nap. Well when Malakai does this, he remains almost completely still and the majority of the time he doesn't move when you approach him or call his name... which is forever scaring us! 

I got his name from a horror movie :D haha I'm a big horror movie fan and when I was around 15, I really liked a movie called 'Children of the Corn'. One of the characters was called Malakai and I really liked the name! I'll probably end up naming one of my children Malakai in the future. In winter, the brown in his grey coat disappears and changes to a lovely pale grey and white colour. He also becomes so fluffy and resembles a pom-pom. He looks even more beautiful at that time of year

Above are photographs taken of my handsome boy over the last 8 years (the middle shows him as a baby) :) I hope you all enjoyed this post. Please let me know if you'd like to see more bunny posts on my blog! 

Thankyou for reading!

Do you do anything special for your pet's birthdays? 

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