Tuesday, 27 October 2015

I've got mail! #2

I hope you all enjoyed my last incoming mail post (find it here). It's almost the end of October & so I've decided it's time to show you all what I've been sent this month. I haven't received as much mail as I usually do because I've been both ill and busy and so I haven't swapped many postcards with other postcrossers, and the majority of my money has gone towards halloween preparations for the day itself and also the fancy dress party I'm going to. This means I haven't done as much online shopping as I'd have liked, but here's what I got through my letterbox this month...*this post is pic heavy*

Firstly, my first ever Lucky Dip Club box arrived this morning, and the theme this month is Biscuit Box. I'm so excited to open it and I'll be doing a separate post all about it soon :) 

 This adorable puffin postcard was sent to me from Iceland. Quite a few weeks ago now, I spotted a photo on one of the facebook pages dedicated to postcrossing of a group of Icelandic high school students asking for people to send them postcards (and receive one back in return) for their international communication class. I sent the students a postcard of the Robin Hood statue at Nottingham castle that I'd bought when I was still studying at NTU, and in return one of the students sent me this postcard. At the beginning of October, they had collected 580 postcards from lovely people all over the world :) 

How pretty is this fox postcard? I wanted to receive at least one autumn-themed postcard this month so when I saw this one on a fellow postcard swappers instagram, I asked if I could swap. It's really easy to swap postcards online, if you know where to look and you have a nice selection of postcards for people to choose from. I'm really happy to add this adorable postcard to my collection! The stamps used were traditional Chinese art and a cute Beijing olympics 2008 illustration stamp, and lovely swapper also added cute stickers and teddy bear washi tape. 

I did another postcard swap via instagram and we decided to exchange two postcards each because sometimes there's too many awesome postcards to decide on your favourite. I am in love with this adorable shiba inu postcard I think they have eaten too much food, after researching the meaning of the word 'wagamama'. I love shiba inus, especially their tails! Can you spot the little pug? 

 This is the other postcard from our swap and its so kawaii and awesome! I really really wanted a halloween postcard this year so swapping for this made me so happy. I love all the little details... the oijipan panda dressed as a wizard, the hamsters dressed as a ghost, vampire, mummy and frankenstein, the witch penguin, and my favourite the little witch tortoise! This is one of my favourite postcards that I've received since I started postcrossing. 

 These are the beautiful stamps that came on the two postcards above. I think they are from the 2015 Taiwanese valentine's day collection and I've wanted to be sent some for ages! They are so pretty and colourful, with such lovely illustrations :) 

Lastly, the final mail I received this month are some stamps that I ordered from the Royal Mail website. The other week my mum picked me up some official Royal Mail postcards from one of our local post offices and I decided to buy the matching stamps. I love whenever they release stamps with a nature theme & I always try to get them. In celebration of the new Star Wars Movie (Star Was: The Force Awakens) the Royal Mail have released a Star Wars collection so I just had to buy those, too!

Thanks for reading!


Does anyone else collect postcards or stamps? or anything else? I'd love to know! 



  1. My postcard collection shows animals. Most of the animals are dogs and cats. I keep track of how many cards I have collected. My last count from my collection shows 33 dogs and 41 cats. After I reach my goal of 100 dogs and cats cards, I plan on switching to collecting postcards without animals.

    Porter Sommers @ Plumb Marketing

    1. Thanks for the comment. I have so many little collections going on with my postcards :) I love animals too so most of mine are animal collections... I have an insect collection (mostly butterflies), a reptile & amphibian collection and my main animal collection is rabbits ♥ I love rabbits! I have over 100 rabbit postcards now! I don't know when I'll have enough :D haha wow! your dog & cat collection sounds great!

      I don't have any dog postcards for swap, but I have a fox cub if you would like to swap with me :) let me know.

  2. totally love the bees. bees are so special/important


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