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Bomb Cosmetics Sir Fizzalot Bathbomb Review | Blogmas #17

Hi guys! Today has been one of those days for me that go by super fast! I'm stressed at the moment so that probably doesn't help matters, but yeah it's pretty much been a bit of a blur. It's not been a super eventful day, but a hectic one. It's the day when all of my family are here for roast dinner, and so there's people everywhere and I just don't usually get much done on a Sunday. One thing I did do though was have a relaxing bath once everyone had gone home and tried out a new bathbomb from Bomb Cosmetics. And so I thought I'd let everyone know what I think of it :) Enjoy! 

Sir Fizzalot Bomb Cosmetics Bathbomb Review

When I was shopping for Christmas presents for my loved ones, I spotted this adorable bathbomb and had a mighty need to add it to my shopping cart, haha! The sweet little moustache face alone made me want one for myself, but when I saw that it was called Sir Fizzalot, I couldn't resist! What a cute name!! 

Whenever I've purchased a blue bathbomb from Bomb Cosmetics, it's always made my bath water the loveliest shade. The colour is always very strong and so they are my go-to bathbombs from them! I'm a big fan of colourful baths, that's really the only reason I get bathbombs... the scents for me are just an added bonus! This one's fragrance is peppermint and spearmint, which is right up my street. I love mint, both the taste and the smell, and so I was looking forward to finding out how good this bathbomb would smell too! You can find the product here. How adorable is the description for this bathbomb though!? 'This fearless fine fellow is the man of the moment! Bringing his gallant & heroic efforts full with Spearmint and Peppermint essential oils you'll be Bomb's noble warrior! To Battle!!'. 

So here's what Sir Fizzalot looks like when submerged into your bath... 

Sir Fizzalot Bomb Cosmetics Review

Look how vibrant the blue shade is! I think it looks gorgeous, like a tropical lagoon :) However, with the swirls of white that the 'fluffy' part on top of the bathbomb creates, it has a Winter Wonderland vibe to it! This colour combination always makes me think of snowflakes or an Ice Queen's palace! Since Disney's Frozen came out, blue & white together also remind me of the song Let It Go, which I'm gonna have to listen to now that I've mentioned it! :D What does it make you think of? There's never much bath art when it comes to Bomb Cosmetics bathbombs, or at least none of the ones I've bought have made any, but the pigmentation of the colours in many of their 'bath blasters' have been great! The blue and white colours make it a perfect bathbomb for this time of year in my opinion, so it would make a perfect Christmas gift too, or even something that you could buy yourself to use on Christmas Eve! 

As for the scent of the bathbomb, it wasn't very strong in my opinion. The bathbomb itself smelt lovely, just the right amount so that it made my drawer smell great but it was not overpowering! However once it was in the water, I couldn't really smell the mint anymore which is a shame if you get bathbombs for their fragrance. My skin usually smells like whatever bathbomb I've used for a few hours after I get out of the bath, but all I can smell right now is my coconut oil shower gel. I don't know if it just wasn't strong enough for me because I'm used to using Lush bathbombs more and they are always really scented! Intergalactic is my favourite bathbomb from Lush and it smells like mint, so that could be the reason why I didn't find the scent of Sir Fizzalot to be very good. If anyone else has used this bathbomb for themselves, I'd love to hear what your opinions on the intensity of the smell are :) 

Bomb Cosmetics Sir Fizzalot Review

Another thing that I'd like to note is the differences between the product photo and the bathbomb I received with my order. Although some products never look as good as the photograph on the website, I still want them to be very similar in design. All of the other bathbombs that I ordered along with Sir Fizzalot look more true to their photo, however he wasn't blue and white striped like I would have hoped. When I first spotted him on their website, he reminded me of a snowman with a mustachio, and I so I thought he'd be great for Christmas Time. I mean he's still super cute, but with him being all blue he just looks exactly the same as another Bomb Cosmetics bathbomb I've used before. It's like they made a 'Pool Party bath blaster', took the duck off the top and put a moustache on instead (especially since they both made the bath the same colour too)... you can read my review of the Pool Party bathbomb here and see for yourself what I mean. It's not a huge deal or anything, but it is kind of annoying. 

Overall, Sir Fizzalot was a pretty awesome bathbomb and it was fun watching my bath turn into a (somewhat) icy shade of blue! I would still recommend him even though the spearmint & peppermint scent wasn't very strong, especially for people who are very sensitive to strong scents and get a headache from them easily. The creamy 'fluff' on top of the bathbomb always helps to make the water soft and feel really nice against your skin, which is lovely and relaxing! I think Sir Fizzalot did a very gallant job of making my bath feel winter-esque :D Let me know if you get a little moustachioed bath blaster for yourself guys; I'd love to hear your opinions!

Thankyou for reading!

What's your favourite kind of bath or shower product?

Can you recommend me any Christmas bathbombs that you loved?


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