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My Favourite Autumn/Winter Yankee Candles | Blogmas #29

Happy Friday guys! I hope you've all had a fabulous day, even though it's been absolutely freezing! What have you all got planned for the weekend? Today, me & my awesome friend Aaron went into town to do a little shopping, and I had a lovely day catching up with him :) We went to Costa first & had a delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream each. We popped into a few shops and had a nosey around, and I also got my Norman Reedus calendar that I mentioned in yesterday's post. It was reduced from £8.99 to just over £5, so that was great! As well as that, I picked up a few presents for upcoming birthdays and an adorable Bomb Cosmetics bath blaster with plastic frog sitting on top (it's called 'It's Not Easy Being Green'). We finished up our day by heading to KFC, so that was the icing on top of a brilliant day! When we were shopping today, we popped into a few stores that sell candles and I was inspired with this post idea for Blogmas Day 29. Today I'm going to be sharing with you my favourite candle scents from the Autumn & Winter collections by Yankee Candle. I hope that you all enjoy reading! 

My Favourite Autumn/Winter Yankee Candles

I definitely think that the Autumn & Winter range are my absolute favourite of all the candles that are made by Yankee Candle. They just always bring out such lovely fragrances, so many of them with a food, or more so dessert, theme, and those are my best loved scents because they remind me of yummy treats and I'm a big fan of sweet smells. I'll include a link with each candle that I include on this post so that you can try it for yourself if you're interested :) 

Snowflake Cookie

Since I've used this awesome candle as my photograph for today's post, I thought I'd talk about it first. The Snowflake Cookie candle is in my top five favourite candles by the brand, because it's just such a wonderful scent. I can tell instantly that it contains vanilla, which makes me happy! Vanilla is my absolute favourite scent of candle of all time, so I love candles that are a combination of vanilla and other sweet fragrances. The notes in Snowflake Cookie include: fluffy marshmallow, cinnamon, nutmeg, whipped vanilla icing, sugar cookie & buttercream. That sounds good enough to eat! How pretty is the pale pink shade of this candle too!? I really like both the shade and the imagery on the label of the candle.

Black Cherry

Cherry is one of those classic fragrances and tastes that are iconic when it comes to Autumn and Winter time. We include cherries in lots of festive recipes, and the colour of cherries is popular for Autumn fashion. I was drawn to this candle in the first place because black cherry flavoured yogurts are my favourite, but also because I love the dark red shade of the candle! It's a colour perfect for both seasons, and the fragrance itself is a lovely blend of cherry, almond, cinnamon and candy. All of these scents remind me of Christmas. Are you a fan of fruity fragrances, or is floral more your thing? You can find some Black Cherry candles here.

Fireside Treats

If you love toasted marshmallows or smores, then this is the candle for you! It smells so much like the real thing, of the smokey burning wood smell and of course, of gooey melting marshmallows :) Fireside Treats is just a very delicious-smelling candle, and I especially like to burn one on Bonfire Night (usually to make up for the fact that any of my family haven't remember to stock up on real marshmallows, oops!).  According to the Yankee Candle website, the notes for this candle are: cedar wood, firewood, glowing embers, sugar, marshmallow and vanilla fluff. *nom* I love that vanilla fluff stuff!

Macaron Treats

Macaron Treats is a candle from the 2016 festive Yankee candle collection called 'Holiday Party' and it was such a pleasant surprise to see among the other scents, because it doesn't scream Christmas when you look at it. It's a lovely pale green coloured candle, and has a very nice sweet nutty smell. I use all of the candles that I've included today all year round because they are my preferred scents, however this candle is actually perfect for using in any season because there's never not a good time for macarons. This candle has made me want to try actual macarons even more... can you actually believe that I haven't!? I like how the macarons on the label are red and green, because it adds that little Christmassy touch to the design of the candle. Oh, and the notes in the Macaron Treats candle include: raw sugar, confectioner's sugar, vanilla, cookie & almond.

Christmas Cookie

I'm sure that this is one of the candles from the 2015 Autumn/Winter collection, but I can't remember. It's a popular one so it's still easily available, and it's no wonder why because it smells great! It is a very similar scent to the Snowflake Cookie candle, however whereas that one smells very sweet, like you can certainly smell the marshmallow and vanilla icing, the Christmas Cookie focuses more of the actual biscuity scent. It reminds me of baking at Christmas time, of the cookies actually baking in the oven or just baked fresh, warm cookies.  The fragrance ingredients are: creamy vanilla bean, cinnamon, sugar, baked notes (I'm assuming that Yankee Candle mean by this that there's baked cookie scents in the candle), butter and nutmeg. Whenever I burn this candle, it makes me want to do some baking! I definitely recommend this candle for those of you who love sweet scents, but not when they are too overpowering. This one is a pretty cream shade too, so it will go well displayed alongside any Christmas decoration colour scheme.

Berry Trifle 

This candle makes it into my top five Yankee Candles as well! I adore the colour of it so much, it's a crimson, wine red shade that is so much like my preferred shade of lipsticks. The berry theme makes it fabulous for Autumn, but then trifles are a traditional dessert enjoyed around Christmas here in the UK so it's a candle for Winter too! The label also shows snowflakes on top of the trifle :) It just has such a scrumptious scent, created by a mix of different fruity and sweet fragrances (raspberry, blueberry, lemon and strawberry, plus vanilla, sugar & cream). I'm not really an artificial floral scent fan. I really love the scent of real flowers, but floral scented things are usually too overpowering for me. The Berry Trifle candle though has a mix of both super sweet and fruit scents which are right up my street. I very much like the various strawberry scented Yankee candles, so having strawberry as a top note is probably another reason why this candle is one of my favourites.

Amber Moon  

I used this scent of Yankee Candle for the first time when I was at university back in 2015, so I'm thinking it's probably from the previous year's Autumn/Winter range. It's unlike all of the other scents that make up my favourites, as it is not a food-based fragrance. Amber Moon contains sandalwood, amber of course and patchouli. Amber is usually a mix of various resins from trees as well as bark such as Benzoin, mixed with the flowers of citrus trees and vanilla and much more. It has an earthy scent to it that makes me feel relaxed, and it also reminds me of the smell of spices and herbs. It's almost reminiscent to me of the scent of my favourite German festive cookies, Lebkuchen, but of the more faint spices underneath the strong ginger & cinnamon smell. Amber Moon is a very pretty name for a candle too, and it would be a very nice aroma to smell in the evening to help you feel cosy. It's not available on the Yankee Candle website anymore, but I found this one on Amazon for you guys :)

Candy Cane Lane

I first discovered this candle when I was researching the Yankee Candle advent calendar in Autumn 2015, which I shared a short post about during Blogmas of that year. I bought one before getting the calendar itself because I was so intrigued. I am a lover of all things mint flavoured and scented, so I couldn't wait to find out what this one was like! It has notes of both peppermint and spearmint, along with sugar cane, malt, candied caramel, vanilla mint (that sounds amazing!), tonka & vanilla bean. All these ingredients sound like a dessert made in heaven to me, haha! I was definitely not disappointed by the fragrance of this candle; it smells so so lovely! The mint is strong enough to make the candle live up to it's name, but with the other scents intertwined, it's just a nice, sweet smell :) I love it! It's definitely a great candle for Christmas time, with the vibrant red colouration and also the label featuring a gingerbread house decorated with a white & red candy cane theme. It's a 10 out of 10 from me for sure! I love the name of the candle too because it makes me picture a road lined with candy canes leading up to Santa's grotto or something! This candle seems to be out of stock everywhere, but I finally found the candle on eBay!

Well I hope that you've all enjoyed reading about my favourite Yankee Candles from their Autumn/Winter collections. I'd love to know if you guys have used any of these candle before and what you thought of them, so please leave a comment if you have! It would be great to know if I've made any of you want to try a particular candle for yourselves. With it being just after Christmas, there should be some sales on with Christmas collections too. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Thankyou for reading!

Do you have a go-to Autumn-Winter candle?  

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  1. Ooh, fireside treats sounds nice!
    Aleeha xXx

  2. YASSSS so many of the candles you mentioned are some of my favourites! Fireside Treats is probably my favourite Yankee Candle and although I haven't owned it for a while, I can't wait to pick up a new jar asap! :D My boyfriend bought me a Macaron Treats in the Boxing Day sales so I can't wait to burn that one! :D

    We've been burning Candy Cane Lane recently with Christmas and all and it's such a gorgeous creamy mint scent! :D

    You've inspired me to do a Yankee Candle post and show off all of my jars, I have WAYYYYYY too many! xD

    1. hahaha yay how awesome that we love so many of the same candles! Fireside Treats just smells so amazing, it always makes me hungry though XD

      Ooo let me know what you think of the Macaron Treats candle when you use it :) Yesss! Candy Cane Lane has such a lovely smell. I'm glad that I still have a votive left over from Christmas! I keep meaning to stock up on lots to use all year round!

      That's great, do it! I can't wait to read it :) x


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