Monday, 11 December 2017

Countdown To Christmas Checklist | Blogmas #11

Hello everyone! Upon opening my chocolate advent calendar when I got out of bed today, I realised that tomorrow marks twelve days until Christmas, and as the '12 days of Christmas' song goes, that is traditionally the start of the countdown to the big day! This prompted me immediately get to writing a checklist of all of the things I have to get done over the next week or so, well straight after I'd made myself a cup of tea and opened up my order from Grindstore, containing mostly Christmas presents and a couple of goodies for myself, that is :) I spent a lot time in bed today, recovering from my night out at the weekend and also because I stayed up for a ridiculously long time watching the newly added Netflix series, Dark. This meant of course that there was little time to do any photography before the sun started to go down. And so I decided that I would share my checklist with you, since it might be as helpful for you guys as it is for me. There's really not long to go now until Christmas Day! Yay! 

I'm sure like me, most of you will have been preparing for Christmas from the start of December, if not even in late October/ early November. You'll probably already have done lots of the things on your own Christmas Time to-do-lists :) However, this is more of a things that definitely need to get done soon checklist! It's a personal reminder to me of what I need to do in the twelve days that we have left, so some of these activities may not apply to you if you're super organised. I wish I was! Anyhow, I hope you enjoy reading and that it's useful to you, even if just a little. 

12 Days of Christmas Checklist

1) Write your Christmas cards [  ]
2) Send out your Christmas mail (here's a link for the Royal Mail UK & International deadlines). [  ]
3) Buy stamps to post everything. Christmas edition stamps are out now too! [  ]
4) Go to a Christmas market, or if you can't then go check out the Christmas tree and/or light decorations in your local town centre, or explore somewhere near you that is super Christmassy. We all need some Christmas cheer in our lives! [  ]
5) Watch a Christmas movie, at least one each week leading up to the big day! [  ]
6) Get yourself a pair of new, super snug PJ's for relaxing in :) [  ]
7) Create a Christmas song playlist, or at least follow someone else's on Spotify (you can find mine here). [  ]
8) Have a good sing along to them!! This is an obligatory Christmas activity guys! [  ]
9) Drink a hot chocolate (or your favourite hot drink) with marshmallows, plus any other toppings you like. My go-to is Cadbury's hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, mini marshmallows and  a sprinkling of chocolate powder *nom nom* [  ]
10) If you haven't bought any presents for your loved ones yet, it's now time! Hurry before things sell out! [  ]
11) Also, get your wrapping paper, gift bags, tags and cellotape! Don't be stuck without any! [  ]
12) Do something for charity this Christmas, even if it's just putting a couple of quid into one of those charity money banks whenever you see them! There's lots of stuff you can do to give something to others this Christmas. Shopping centres usually have those donation boxes for you to add toys for children, supplies for animal rescues, and also items needed for food banks and shelters. [  ]
13) Burn a festive scented candle. My favourites are the sweet-smelling ones by Yankee Candle, in particular Snowflake Cookie & Candy Cane Lane. [  ]
14) If you haven't put up your decorations and/or tree yet, do it! I love the idea of putting the decorations up when the twelfth day arrives, but I'm not sure I'd be able to resist decking my home out with Christmassy things much sooner! [  ]
15) Make your own Christmas decoration (there is so much inspiration for this over on Pinterest). [  ]
16) If you are cooking your own Christmas Day dinner, it's a good idea to start stocking up on your food now, especially your turkey if you have the room to store it in your freezer as people start grabbing the best ones soon. We've got ours now! [  ]
17) Starting wrapping up those gifts, and popping them under your tree or giving them to your friends and family to put under their own. [  ]
18) Plan times and dates to meet up with your loved ones around Christmas so you can spend some time together and exchange gifts, etc. People are busy around this time of year so this is why it's good to make plans soon :) [  ]
19) Treat yourself to a festive snack, or several! (I have been taking advantage of all of the seasonal goodies for a few weeks now, haha!). [  ]
20) Do some festive baking, or making as there's plenty of recipes that don't require any cooking in the oven. Again, Pinterest is amazing for this! [  ]

I have actually put together a Pinterest board to give you all some inspiration and ideas for baking and for getting your DIY on this Christmas. I'll keep adding new pins to it everyday too :) If you make something that I've shared, please let me know, tag me in photos too, I really want to see your Christmas creativity!

So, that's my countdown to Christmas checklist :) Let me know in the comments if there's anything else that you think should be on this list, or anything else that you have on your own to-do list. I'd also really appreciate it if you could follow my Pinterest board too! I hope you all have a lovely rest of December, and a marvellous Christmas Day! 

Thankyou for reading!

What is your favourite thing to make or bake at Christmas Time? 


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