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Things I've Been Buying Lately | Blogmas #5

Hi to all of my wonderful readers! Thankyou to you all for following my posts and for leaving me lovely comments, for chatting to me on social media and just for making the whole blogging experience so great for me. I feel so blessed to have so many lovely people in my life :) I am feeling very emotional today, about so many things! I came very close to not blogging today. Some of you may have noticed my twitter post earlier, but I have so many things going on in my life right now and I just feel like I want to do nothing at all. Blogmas is a really tough challenge when all you want to do is snuggle up in bed with Netflix and snacks and not have to think about all of the things you are supposed to be doing. So yeah, the post that I had originally planned for today just didn't happen, because I can't even brain today :D I decided to share a different post, one that I would enjoy writing about so much that it would be easier to do, if that makes sense. Everyone loves having a nosey at a good haul post, right? Well, I know I do! I like checking out what others have been buying, and since I've bought some awesome things lately, I just had to show you guys! Enjoy :) 

Things I've Been Buying Lately | Haul Post

I'm going to be featuring items I've bought from two different online stores, Punky Pins and Veronica Dearly. I took full advantage of various Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals with both of my orders because they really were fabulous offers, that I just couldn't ignore when I'd had my eyes on these products for ages!

I absolutely adore pin badges from Punky Pins; there is so much variety and they are really great quality. So colourful and bright too! It really wasn't long ago since I did my last Punky Pins haul, but when I got an email about the amazing deal, I had a mighty need! I even kind of wish that I'd done two hauls for the same offer, haha! When it comes to Veronica Dearly, her artwork is just brilliant. She designs all sorts of products with important messages and comical slogans, which always make me smile. I had really wanted to own something with her artwork on ever since I followed her over on Instagram, and I'm so happy that I now own more than one item by her! Yay! I'm gonna talk about the latest Punky Pins additions to my enamel pin badge collection first :) This post is gonna have a lot of photos, oops! 

Punky Pins Bunny Heart Enamel Pin

Punky Pins Call Me Maybe Enamel Pin

As you can see in the first photograph on my post today, there are five little paper packages, sealed with the cutest festive Punky Pins stickers. This is because the offer that was on around Black Friday included any five pin badges across the entire store's range, with free shipping for just £20. Not only was that saving you £15, as individual enamel pins are usually £7 each... Punky Pins were also offering a free surprise gift with every purchase! Oh my gosh, it was fantastic... can you see why I couldn't say no to that! So, I treat myself to four new pin badges plus I bought one for my dad for Christmas :) How beautiful is the Bunny Hearts enamel pin above!? It reminded me of a vintage-style tattoo because of the floral pattern, and I just love how pretty the colours are. Rabbits and flowers are two of my most favourite things in the world so this is the perfect pin for me!

As for the 'Call Me Maybe' pin, it's such a clever design! It's a mash of the popular hit by Carly Rae Jepsen and Ghost Face from the horror movie franchise, Scream. I love the Scream movies, well mostly the first one, so I thought that this pin was very creative and awesome. If you've seen the movie, you'll understand the reference with the character on the phone and the song lyrics. Everytime I look at it, I hear 'Hello Sidney' in my head XD This pin is available in two variations, a more horror-themed colour scheme and the pastel version that I chose! 

The gorgeous floral Fox Enamel Pin is the one that I have purchased for my Dad, who is also a bit of a pin badge collector. I thought that it was beautiful and so cute! Plus my Dad loves gardening and used to be a professional gardener so flowers are his thing too. I'm sure that he will love it! He has a hat that he shows off all of his pin badges on :) Maybe when I'm his age, I'll follow in his footsteps and rock a woollen hat covered in pins everywhere I go! Apologies for how blurry my photograph of the Cute Kitty Enamel Pin is... I didn't realise until later when all of the daylight had faded so I couldn't re-take the photo :( You can see a better photograph here on the Punky Pins website. This pin is too adorable! I've been after it and also the bunny version, that's made in the same design, ever since I first spotted them! I love the chibi appearance of the cat and it's very anime-esque eye :) It's little winking expression just makes it even more sweet!

The final pin that I chose in my haul had to be a Christmassy one! It's a penguin in a christmas jumper, omgosh!! It's super cute and I love the colour scheme. This little guy seems so sweet until you see the 'Festive As Fuck' slogan across his jumper, I just love it!! I didn't realise when I was ordering that there are two versions of this pin... a bold one with the slogan very visible and this 'pleasantly polite' version... which makes the slogan very faint to see so you don't offend anyone when you're wearing it out and about. I'm kind of glad now that I didn't see the options when I was ordering because I totally would have got the loud and proud version! But honestly, this is probably the best option because my snakebite piercings already get me enough stares from the elderly people, haha! 

Pups and Pizza Embroidered Patch

So, here is the free gift that I received!! It's a really cute pupper holding a slice of pizza :) I checked out the standard price of Punky Pins patches before writing up this post, and they are £6 each! So not only if I get £15 off my items, I also got a freebie worth over a fiver. Wow, thanks Punky Pins!! The only shame is that I personally don't like pizza so even though this patch is adorable, it doesn't appeal to me much (Yes, I know that I'm very weird for not liking pizza! Everyone tells me so :D) so I'm gonna pop it in with one of my loved ones Christmas presents this year. I really love the mini bones print all over the presentation card! 

Keep scrolling to see what I ordered from Veronica Dearly's store... 

So let me tell you all about the offer from Veronica Dearly... it was a mystery box/package! She was selling a bundle worth £30 for just £15, and another for £5 containing £15 worth of items. Seriously though, how good is that!? I opted for the first of the two, a box worth £30 which would be filled with stationery items, pins, greetings cards and more. I was so looking forward to finding out what I got, and I certainly wasn't disappointed! I'll show you everything that came in the box before I share my thoughts on the items themselves :) 

Okay, LOOK AT ALL THIS AWESOME STUFF! My favourite item is most definitely the 'Don't Be A Dick' list pad! As my regular readers will know by now, I am an avid list writer. List writing is life! So, I was really happy just to have another to add to my collection, since I go through them so quickly. I am a little tempted not to use this one, or at least save it for super important lists because it's gorgeous. I love the spacing of the sections, you can easily fit two sentences in there, and there's so many sections too. I adore the shade of blue that Veronica has chosen too, pale blue is one of my favourite colours. Of course the 'Don't be a Dick' slogan is fabulous, and it's been a personal favourite of mine for a while. I neeeeed the pin badge to match! The pencil is great too :) The print that you can see in the first of my Veronica Dearly photographs is the same colour (or at least very very similar) to the list pad, so I can't not love it too! It's going to be displayed in my bedroom as soon as my decorating is completed; it will be a nice reminder to see each day. 

It was tough to choose what my second favourite item was... the pin badge or the 'I'm always here for you' greeting card. But... I think the pin wins simply because I am obsessed with pin badges!! I love the message 'Quit Playing Games' as I am someone who prefers people to be upfront about how they feel about things, etc., because it's hard on my anxiety when I don't know what peoples' opinions or intentions or whatever are, and also how the design matches it, with the little dice. I like the gold lining, it's very eye-catching :) The sticker sheet is another very noticeable item, with the colours being so vibrant and all that thick black outline. The stickers are cute AND quite funny, the perfect combination! I really like the I own you cat, the don't touch me goldfish & the donut be sad ones. I just need to decide where I'm going to stick them, probably on the front of a pretty notebook or folder. The last items are the four greetings cards, which are such fantastic quality! I love the feel of the card they are made with, I have a thing for certain textures of paper/card, haha! I've already mentioned how much I love the 'I'm always here for you' card; I think that the little location pointer thingie that you usually see on google maps or sat-navs, is such a clever little touch! The Get Out of My Life card makes me laugh everytime I look at it! I can't wait until one of my friends moves house so I can make their day with the new home card. The feminism themed card is amazing and no one can have it, haha! It's going onto my art wall :) 

Veronica Dearly Haul

Oh, I almost forgot! I got a discount friend code thing when I made my last Punky Puns order. If you click here, you get a code for 15% off your order and I get 15% off mine too apparently :) I hope you've all enjoyed today's post anyway. I only knew about these delightful offers because I signed up to the newsletters/email updates that both of these website offer, so it's worthwhile doing that too. Tomorrow my friend & I are going to a gig full of 90s nostalgia! We are off to see Steps and Vengaboys, and it's going to be fabulous! I'm so excited! Thankyou to my wonderful friend for treating me to a ticket for my birthday :) Be sure to check back here for Blogmas Day 6 because I'm doing a collab with one of my favourite bloggers, and her post will be on here tomorrow! 

Thankyou for reading! 

What have you all been treating yourselves to lately? 

Fellow bloggers... if you've shared any haul posts, share a link in the comments so I can check it out too :) 



  1. Those pins are so cute and such a great deal to, I love that patch pizza and puppers are my 2 favourite things in life haha! xoxo


    1. Thanks lovely :) Awww it's the perfect patch for you then! x


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