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What I Got For Christmas 2017 | Blogmas #27

Hi lovelies! Does anyone else ever feel like the days after Christmas until New Years Eve are just sort of like one long never ending day? I personally feel like it's a blur, and I forget what day of the week it is and I also find that I'm so unproductive. It's just three days of nothing but waiting for the next year to start! Let me know if it's the same for any of you guys. But anyhow, on with today's post. As promised, I'm going to be sharing what I got for Christmas :) I wasn't sure whether to do this post or not, because I've been reading a few negative tweets and such about these kinds of posts lately, and usually I just blog about whatever I want to and try not to let things like that influence my decisions, but I don't know, I got worried about it this year. I just hope that it doesn't look like I'm showing off or anything like that, and that you guys enjoy reading about what I get for Christmas, or my birthday, etc. This blog is my happy space so I like to write about all of the things in my life that make me feel good, and who doesn't feel good getting gifts? I know I love reading about what everyone else got for Christmas :) Enjoy! 

I was definitely spoilt this year! I love surprises and I always ask for smaller gifts, because I enjoy opening up lots of little packages VS bigger ones! It makes it so much more exciting, and I usually can't figure out what's inside either, not that I try though. My sister likes to feel her presents first so she can try to guess what's underneath the wrapping paper, but I've never really wanted to ruin the element of surprise. How about you? Do you love surprises or do you try to figure out what you've got before you even open up your gifts? 

When my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, I asked her to do a little haul for me from a UK based kawaii website called Cutesy Kink, and I was so looking forward to finding out what she would choose for me :) Here's what she picked... 

I pretty much hinted how much I wanted one of the Neko Atsume bags that they sold on the website, so that wasn't really a surprise! I absolutely loved the game, but as usual I play games for a while, am hooked on them and can't stop playing, and then I just stop. I really wish that I didn't get bored with them so easily. However it was still an awesome little game, and so so adorable! One of my favourite cats was Pepper, so when I spotted this bag of her I had a mighty need. I actually featured it on one of my past wishlists, so I'm really happy that I finally have it. It feels super soft too, and I think the little tail detail is really sweet. Did you ever play Neko Atsume? If so, did you have a favourite kitty? 

So my mom chose some really lovely items for me: a Sumikko Gurashi memo notebook, some adorable alpaca sticky notes and lots of kawaii pens! I really like Sumikko Gurashi official products, they are very well made and always a great quality from what I've seen. I don't own much merch of these San-X characters, so I'm very glad to have some more for my stationery collection. These alpaca sticky notes and page markers will be perfect for my Filofax, which I've finally started using guys! It's a turquoise coloured planner, so they will fit in well with the colour scheme I'm going for too. I told her that I wanted some cute pens to store on my new desk once my bedroom decorating has been finished. I got some of the popular pen pots from Ikea, and I think these pens will look so pretty it in! My favourite of the bunch is definitely the Spirited Away No Face pen, and it's probably one of my favourite presents that I received of all of my Christmas gifts this year. I'm a big fan of the character, he's adorable!

So which pen is your personal favourite? Mostly everyone I've asked so far has said that they prefer the pink My Melody pen! If you're looking for some cute stationery then I definitely recommend Cutesy Kink :) (here's a link to their website).

For Christmas this year, my dad gave me some money and so I ordered something from one of my favourite kawaii websites called Tofu Cute. I've wanted one of their plushie lucky bags ever since I first heard about them! There are various sizes available and which one you chose determines how many plushies you will receive. If you order one of the two large sized bags, you also get a free poster from the Japanese brand Amuse. If you've been following me for a while now, you'll know that I'm a little obsessed with the plushies made by this brand, and so you can imagine how excited I was about receiving this bag! It was very tough not to open it until Christmas Day, haha! I picked the Senpai sized bag, which I think was £34.99, and here's what was inside! 

Yayyy! Just look how adorable these plushies are! I really like that they come inside this adorable pink drawstring bag, which of course has a Maneki Neko (which is Japanese for Lucky Cat/Fortune Cat) one it since that's what these lucky bags are named after. Tofu Cute also sell another lucky bag which is filled with Japanese snacks too! 

So I received two medium sized plushies, one of a Shiba Inu dog in a cute little uniform and the other is a hamster sitting inside a fruit! The hamster is my favourite plush that I received, just because it's such an adorable, random design. I have a few plushies of these hamsters, including a giant one! I just love it :) I also got two tiny little bunnies, the blue one I love but the other one is one that I wouldn't really have chosen to buy myself. I'm not really disappointed because getting things that you might not like is the nature of lucky bags, and I still buy them purely because I love surprises! The little tofu cube charm plush is super cute and I'll be putting him on one of my bags. I am a little sad that I didn't get an alpacasso item inside my lucky bag, but happy to receive two Shiba's because I didn't have any of those in my collection yet. I think these lucky bags would make a great present for any of your loved ones that are fans of all things kawaii. What do you think of this lucky bag? I forgot to take a photograph of the free Amuse poster that I was sent, sorry guys! It was a Christmas themed one which is very cute, but I wanted a poster that could be displayed all year round. I'm just going to have to rock a Christmas poster in my bedroom for the entire year, haha!

Here are the presents that I got from one of my brothers and also from my sister. I was actually really surprised, in a good way of course!, that my brother chose this Pac Man light for me! I LOVE it :) It's adorable and geeky and I really like how it changes colour. It's right up my street so it was nice that he knew I would like it! I was actually looking to buy a cute little light to use as a night light. Because of my insomnia, I am awake for hours and I need to be able to see to read and stuff, but I don't want to use a proper lamp because they are too bright and will make it even harder for me to fall asleep! This one reacts to music too, which will be cool to see. He also got me all of these washi tapes which will come in handy for the scrapbooking that I plan to do next year. My sister bought me the loveliest pin from Punky Pins, and it is actually the one that I bought my dad for Christmas too. Great minds think alike and all that ;) 

I spotted these lovely Pusheen PJ pants when I was in Primark with my mom so it's awesome that she remembered and bought them for me! It's always nice to get PJ's at Christmas, although I've not worn them yet because I am in love with my new unicorn onesie and refuse to take it off, it's just too comfy! Yay, I finally have the Daisy Duck Disney Ufufy plush to go with the Donald one that I bought. I adore this new style of Disney plushie, and its another one that started in Japan, like Tsum Tsums! I'm really trying to not go into collector's mode with these plushies though, but I don't know how long I'll be able to hold off  purchasing more. They are so squishy and soft, and they are apple blossom scented too which is pretty cool! I was very happy to get a new Tokidoki X Primark collaboration pen, because I have really liked all of the others that I've had and I think multi-colored pens like this are great, especially when I'm writing long letters to my penpals and I want a colour change :) Tokidoki is one of my most loved brands and before receiving this pen for Christmas, I didn't have anything with the 'Sea Punk' characters range on either. Yes I got a random Lee's Macaroon bar, and if you've ever tasted one, you will understand why! I'm so sad that I've eaten it now T_T T_T

The second thing that I asked for was this fabulous activity book from one of my favourite artists Gemma Correll. It's another item that I'd been after for a while so I was so looking forward to getting it. I purposely avoided finding out what was inside it so that it would be a complete surprise, and I was certainly not disappointed. It's awesome and is filled with things that make laugh and smile, and lots of important messages as well :) I love it & I am almost tempted not to colour in it or fill it because I don't want to ruin it with my own horrendous artwork. How cute are these little stars!? I think they would be perfect for using as tree decorations too. They have bathbombs inside! How cool is that? I can't wait to find out what they look like and smell like, and I'm going to try not to peek at them until I'm actually about to use them. Also, how lovely are the shades in this eye shadow palette by Make Up Revolution. I have a couple of their palettes and I really like them, but this is the first one that doesn't have really bright colours that I'll be experimenting with so I'm looking forward to using it :) 

This adorable bulbasaur 3D printed planter was the other gift that I specifically asked for this Christmas, everything else other than the Neko Atsume bag & the Feminist Activity Book have been a complete surprise and I am so grateful! My mom bought me such lovely gifts and I feel very lucky! I'm looking forward to getting a mini cactus or succulent to put in my planter, he'll look super cute! The big candle is from Card Factory and it smells AMAZING! I spotted it a few months ago when I was out shopping with my mom and mentioned how much I loved it, so it was lovely to unwrap it on Christmas Day. How sweet are these Powerpuff girls figurines? They come with a little colour co-ordinated stand too! They are going to look so bright and eye-catching lined up on my new shelves that I've bought for when I eventually finish my bedroom (I know that I'm taking so long to get it done guys! I need to buy wallpaper and paint, but I've used up the money I had saved for Christmas presents instead, oopsies!).

This is the final bunch of presents that I have to show you :) On Christmas Eve, I blogged all about these wonderful Pusheen surprise plush blind boxes that I'd bought (check out this post here if you love cats or just all things cute!) and I mentioned how I really wanted to get the plush of Stormy the kitten, who is Pusheen the cat's little sister! I didn't get her when I opened the three blind boxes that I'd purchased, however I totally got her inside this blind box!! Like what? How amazing is that!? I was over the moon! I really really like this ice-cream pen that my mom got me; not only does it look so cute, it is also magnetic! Meaning that it will be perfect for my new desk which has a magnetic back. I can't wait to show it to you guys once I've got it all set up :) I have such a thing for tins, I always have! I don't know why I love them so much, but I really like buying things that come in pretty tins. It was fantastic to unwrap this adorable Scottish Terrier tin, which is filled with traditional shortbread biscuits *nom nom*

I decided to take a photograph of this gift all by itself so that I could zoom in and give you all a better look at these fabulous pin badges! I am so shocked that my mom managed to find something Ravenclaw related in Primark to be honest, because I've only come across like three Ravenclaw items myself and that's even in a larger store too! She actually found these in my local mall's store too, which I'm even more surprised about! (Go mom, you're awesome!). I've been considering cosplaying as a Hogwarts student for Comic Con next year, and getting a Ravenclaw crest pin has made me even more tempted to! Fellow Harry Potter fans, what house are you in? I made my mom take the Pottermore test the other day & she's a Ravenclaw as well! I really wanna make all of my siblings do it too because I'm so interested to find out which house they'd be in. Have any of you guys gotten your family take the test? 

A close up of my little Bulbasaur! He's my favourite of the starter Pokemon. What's yours? I think these things look so groovy with a plant in them! I love having a nosey at what other people have chosen to put in their own. I even saw people using them as a tealight holder, so I might steal that idea yet! 

Well, these are all of the presents that I got this year! My mom is an absolute star and she made my Christmas Day so wonderful I cant believe how much she bought me, and it really cheered me up after how stressful the last two months have been! It's a lovely feeling when someone gets you presents that are spot on, that are perfect for you. It makes me emotional that they know me so well! I hope that she loved her gifts from me too :) Christmas Day 2017 was a fabulous day! 

Thankyou for reading! 

I hope that you all got some lovely presents under your tree this year! 
I'd love to hear all about them! 

What did you get? What was your favourite? 

Did you get anything that meant something special to you? 



  1. Aww I love all the gifts you received sweet and they all shout you! :D

    The little gift that I've sent you is right up your street and I can't wait for you to receive it now. :D

  2. I love that there is a sort of kawaii theme going on here, and love the Ravenclaw pin set, I have the Gryffindor one! :) Tania Michele xx


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