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Gift Ideas For Unicorn Lovers | Blogmas #16

Hello lovelies :) I can't believe that it's the weekend already! This week has gone ridiculously fast for me! Can you believe that it will be Christmas in 8 days!! EIGHT DAYS!!? haha! Thankfully, I only have a few more presents to get, then I'm done with my Christmas shopping, yay! How prepared are you guys feeling for the big day? I thought for today's post I would share a gift guide with you all, and as you can see from the title it's going to be all about unicorns! Whilst browsing around the web searching for gifts for my friends & family, I came across so many adorable and gorgeous unicorn themed items! There is literally something for to suit everyone's tastes, so long as they are a fan of unicorns! But I mean, how can you not be!? Everyone needs at least something unicorn-related to add a little magic to their lives, and so why not give your loved ones a super cute unicorn gift this Christmas! I've sourced all of my items from UK websites so that if you order quick, they will arrive by Christmas Day. Enjoy! 

Unicorn Lovers Gift Guide

Melting Unicorn Candle (EMP) These types of novelty and/or animal candles that melt really colourfully have become so popular, which is fabulous because there's now a lot of variety to choose from. I just had to include this unicorn one on my gift guide because it's super cute and looks really cool when it burns. EMP recently knocked a couple of quid of it too so snap one up for your loved ones while it's reduced! 

Ohh Deer Unicorn Cushion (ASOS) I absolutely love this chubby unicorn cushion! It's designed by one of my favourite artists, Gemma Correll, for Ohh Deer which make some really nice stationery and homeware products! Everyone loves a cute cushion to decorate their bed, desk chair or sofa, so you can't really go wrong with buying them a cushion for Christmas! 

Elodie The Unicorn Mug (Firebox) Is there a more adorable unicorn than Elodie!? I guarantee that all unicorn lovers will adore her! Firebox have an array of Elodie products, but this mug was my favourite of the bunch and a mug is always a great gift to get for someone! Who doesn't want to drink from an adorable mug everyday? Especially one with a shiny gold horn. It's such a pretty mug! You could always get your friends/family something to go with a mug too, like a box of their favourite tea or a tin of fancy hot chocolate, with some mini marshmallows to go with it! 

Curiology Black Glitter Unicorn Necklace (Attitude Clothing) I couldn't not add this necklace to my gift ideas as soon as I spotted it, because I think it's lovely! With it being black, it will go with almost every outfit and it will stand out really well. Since it's glittery too, I think it would be perfect to wear to a New Years Eve/Day party (and all year round of course!). Jewellery makes a fantastic stocking filler, or if you get your loved ones a purse/makeup case/handbag or anything similar, you could pop this necklace in as an extra surprise!

Unicorn Glass Tea Light Holders Set of 2 (Grindstore) I am actually really tempted to get these tea light holders for myself! They are just gorgeous, with the frosted glass look and the two starry unicorns on the front. You get 2 for only £4.99... how good is that!? If you are shopping on a budget, you could totally gift the candle holders separately, maybe with a pack of nice scented tea lights! They would make an awesome gift for anyone, even if they are not unicorn-obsessed, as I personally think they would look lovely in anyone's home, regardless of the colour scheme or style :) 

Starlight Unicorn Wash Bag (Sass & Belle) As I've mentioned already, I think that bags of any kind make the perfect gift for Christmas, since they can be filled with other little presents and then your loved one gets multiple gifts in one! You could buy this gorgeous unicorn wash bag and pack it with stocking fillers. I really like the entire starlight unicorn collection from Sass & Belle, as I think the design is more grown up so would be suitable for teenagers and adults alike! Wash Bags are really useful since they can be used for so many things: pencil cases, makeup bags, to pack medication and other important items in for when you're out and about, so they make a great gift if you're not really sure about what for someone this Christmas. 

Rainbow Unicorn Cloud Trinket Box (Attitude Clothing) I just thought that this item was so pretty and would make a marvellous gift for anyone who's a fan of unicorns. There's so many nice elements to it: the clouds, the unicorn's rainbow mane and tail, and it's metallic gold horn and hooves! That's a lot of detail for an item under £5! It's always nice to have somewhere to store away your tiny bits and bobs so you don't lose them. I think this would be an awesome Secret Santa gift if you know they like unicorns or just cute things in general! 

Unicorn Hottie (River Island) Look how cute this fluffy unicorn is guys!! If you don't know what a hottie is, it's a microwavable plushie that works like a hot water bottle. They smell like lavender as well to help you drift off to sleep. They are really snug and soft, making the perfect gift for both children and adults, especially this time of year when it's cold outside! 

Happy Unicorn Enamel Lapel Pin (Nutmeg & Arlo) As a pin badge collector, it was almost impossible for a pin badge not to make it onto my gift guide! They are fantastic for those who don't really like to wear jewellery, but still want to add a fancy addition to their outfit. This is a great option for those who have to wear a uniform or smart office attire to work but still want to show off a little of their personality too. I have bought several pins from Nutmeg & Arlo on Etsy and they are always so pretty and fabulous quality! Why not buy a pin for your loved ones this year and help support a small business at the same time? An added bonus: there's a deal on their store at the minute for 10% off your order when you spend £10! 

Unicorn Ornament (ASDA Home) Most people I know love some pretty homeware that they can display in their home, and this unicorn ornament would be a lovely gift for adults who love unicorns but want something that would go well with their other home d├ęcor. I love the simple design of this unicorn head ornament, with the only colour being the gold horn. I think it's really pretty and I know so many people who would love to receive it as a gift! 

Fizz Creations Unicorn Fairy Lights (ASOS) So, we've reached the final item on my gift guide for unicorn lovers, and I feel like I've definitely saved one of the best items until last! There's not many people who don't love fairy lights, they look lovely in any room of your home and make them feel super cosy at night! Fairy lights are for everyone so you can get them for the children in your family, as well as your friends, siblings, parents, etc. I personally love that they are white and have that simplistic look about them, plus these ones glow white too so that makes them go with any colour scheme. 

I hope that you all enjoyed reading my suggestions of gifts perfect for unicorn lovers! Let me know what you think of these items and if I've given you any inspiration on what to get for your friends and family this Christmas. Also, you should totally treat yourself to a gift too, if you spot anything you like! Merry Christmas everyone :) 

Thankyou for reading! 

Are you a fan of unicorns? Or do you prefer another mythical creature best?

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  1. Ohmigosh, I want everything off this list!!

  2. Ahhhh unicorn stuff! :D The Elodie Unicorn mug has been on my wish list for almost a year now! :D

    I'm loving the Christmas gift idea list sweetie, can never go wrong with buying people unicorn things. :P

  3. Those string lights look awesome! I'm on the hunt for a unicorn-esque hoodie right now... :) Tania Michele xx


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