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Festive Costa 2017 | Blogmas #8

Hey guys! You may have noticed on my Instagram story today, that I went to Costa! Apart from my trip to Liverpool on Wednesday to see Steps and Vengaboys, I haven't really been out of my house for a while and as much as I'd prefer to stay home most of the time, it was starting to bother me a little that I hadn't done much outside of blogging and spending my life watching TV shows and movies, so when I was going to sleep last night, I thought why not have a walk to the local Costa and treat myself and my mom to festive drink? So that's what I did this afternoon, headed out to get my first Christmas Costa drink to the year and I thought I'd share a little post about it for Blogmas Day 8. Last year, I reviewed two of their festive drinks (and mentioned what my mom thought of the ones she tried), which you can read about here if you want :) This year there's some new additions to their menu so I'm going to talk about one of those in my post today. Enjoy! 

Christmas Costa Drinks

I really enjoy trying out new hot drinks, because there are so many delicious varieties and I have a major sweet tooth! Costa always bring out such intriguing flavours at Christmastime and it's hard for me to resist trying at least one, after living on a university campus for three years that had a Costa onsite. I developed a need for caramel lattes in my life to get through studying, haha! And also a desire to collect the Christmas cups, which I've manage to stop myself  from doing this year, even though they are so pretty! I just have an excuse now to buy a drink of at least every size so I can take those obligatory coffee cup shots for social media instead :D 

So what's on the Christmas menu at Costa this year? There's a new Billionaire's range, including a hot chocolate, a latte and a latte frostino ice-drink thingie. All of them based on those 'millionaire's slice' desserts, you know the ones with the caramel and shortbread layers, topped with chocolate? They are one of my favourite desserts ever! There's a gingerbread latte as always, and if you have it with whipped cream they put the cutest little gingerbread man on top! I still have never tried a proper gingerbread latte and I really need to! There's also a Black Forest hot chocolate that can be topped with sour cherry sauce and special chocolate sprinkles, which you can also get as a frostino drink. I don't like Black Forest gateau though so I'm not going to try that one myself! If you're a fan or you've tried it, I'd love to hear what you think in the comments :) And lastly, there's a mint hot chocolate. 

Keep scrolling to find out which one I picked... 

Christmas Costa Drink

I love when I get hot drinks served in one of these tall glasses! It makes me feel so fancy and I don't know why because I've had them quite a few times now, but the novelty never seems to disappear for me! I'm just like wow! everytime I see my finished drink in one :) Is anyone else the same? Or am I the only one that still looks at things with a childlike wonder? So have you guessed what it is yet? ...

IT'S THE BILLIONAIRE'S HOT CHOCOLATE, of course! This was the latest Costa drink that I was so looking forward to trying because as I've mentioned I love the dessert and I love caramel lattes so it will be no surprise that another caramel flavour caught my attention! I really didn't like the salted caramel one that they had last year all that much, so I was ever so slightly apprehensive that I was going to spend my money on it and then not enjoy it! I was not left disappointed though so yayyy! 

Festive Costa Drink Billionaire's Hot Chocolate

Doesn't the chocolate snowflake look so pretty!? It almost makes me not wanna spoil it, but it doesn't take me to long to get tempted by the whipped cream because I absolutely adore the frothy mix that hot milk and melting whipped cream makes! *nom nom* Writing about this is just making me crave another hot chocolate now, haha. I thought that the Billionaire's hot chocolate overall was really nice. I've had a caramel hot chocolate in the past, one that you make up yourself at home, and it tasted very similar to that, but with a hint of a biscuity taste. It's hard to explain if you've never had a caramel or toffee hot chocolate before, but it was delicious and definitely a drink for people who like sweet things, because it really was sweet. Almost sickly sweet, but I'm not complaining about that. 

Something that was a little... not disappointing, I don't know if annoying is the right word either, but anyhow the hot chocolate was too strong and this seems to be a common thing with Costa hot chocolates. At least it is everytime me or my mom have bought one. I usually get a latte but even the smallest amount of coffee can irritate my IBS and because I'm going out tomorrow to spend time with my friends, I decided that I was going to avoid coffee, as such as I wanted that Billionaire's latte T_T  I don't usually get the hot chocolate options so it was a bit of a shame that it was so strong. I mean, you can always get more milk but due to my social anxiety, I usually just put up with things rather than going to ask for something.

Oh, and make sure that you give your hot chocolate a good stir because all of the caramel settles at the bottom of the glass/mug. It was still really yummy though and I would recommend it :) 

Christmas Costa Hot Chocolate

My mom just decided to get a standard latte today but she ever so kindly asked for it in a festive cup so that I could take a photograph! The perks of going anywhere with a blogger, haha :D I really like the cup design this year, it's very traditional festive style, especially with the nutcracker and the colour scheme. The nutcracker is definitely my favourite, but maybe I'll change my mind when I've seen them all in person. Do you guys have a favourite? You can check them out here on the Costa website. 

We both got the medium drink, which I'm glad about now since it was too strong and made me feel too full to function after drinking it. I was going to get a large but apparently they don't do them anymore? I don't know if that's just my local Costa because it's at a motorway services, or just regarding hot chocolates specifically, or whether this is a store-wide change... does anyone know? I usually always get myself a Millionaire's shortbread when I'm at Costa because they make such fantastic ones! However, since my drink was all about those flavours, I decided to try their brownie! It was so soft and yummy, its a 10/10 from me! 

I hope you enjoyed reading all about my little trip to Costa today and about my first Christmas Costa drink of the year :) Let me know in the comments if you have a favourite go-to for Christmas hot drinks each year? I've never tried any of the Starbucks ones so maybe I'll do that next!

Thankyou for reading! 

Which of the flavours I've mentioned today sounds most appealing to you?

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