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Things I like about Christmas | Blogmas #20

Hello everyone, I am Jess from LittlePinkDuckblog and if you didn't know already, me and Sarah are best friends in real life. I also absolutely adore her blog! So I was super happy when Sarah trusted asked me to write a blog post for Raiin Monkey! 

We are quickly approaching Christmas, I can't believe how quickly this Christmas has come around! It doesn't seem that long ago we started 2017 and now here I am writing a post for my best's friends blog about the things I like about Christmas! 

So without further ado let's get started!

Things I like about Christmas

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere during Christmas is unreal, it's always filled with joy and positivity and I love it! As a child there was nothing more exciting than Christmas. I remember my Primary school being filled with such positive energy and excitement with children making Christmas cards, and one year we made a wreath! When I became a teenager it changed slightly, however I still felt excited about it because I got to see my brother opening presents at Christmas and being really happy with everything he got. As an adult, I have become extremely excited to see people opening their presents that I have bought for them. 

Christmas Traditions

I am not sure if anyone else does this but every year without fail, my family and I watch all the old Christmas videos. I love watching our old Christmas home videos, although I've discovered throughout the years I have made too many embarrassing reactions to getting presents I really liked! I love to re-watch the videos because it brings back so many memories, and I just love seeing how much my brother and I have changed over the years.

Christmas Telly

During the Christmas period, I absolutely adore the Christmas telly! I love checking out what's coming on the television at Christmas time and planning what to watch. TV shows pull out all the stops to create amazing Christmas specials, and each channel is packed with incredible films. I am really excited for this year because ITV is going to air a musical special and I cannot wait!  

The Decorations

I think one of the best things about the Christmas season is seeing all of the decorations and displays. Some places go all out and make their streets look absolutely gorgeous during Christmas! I also love how there is a feeling of togetherness and happiness whenever a street switches on the Christmas lights. 

The Food

I think one of my favourite things about Christmas (besides opening the presents) is the food. I just love everything about the Christmas dinner and all of the treats that are available to buy. In my family, we have a special Christmas Eve buffet, where we have mini chocolate ├ęclairs, sandwiches and a load of sausage rolls *yummy!* For Christmas Day my dad makes a gorgeous trifle, and we also have little individual puddings; I have a sticky toffee and everyone else has chocolate. This year I decided I would do some Christmas baking and made a gorgeous Gingerbread cake, which everyone loved! I am hoping to make some cinnamon buns too. 

I think one of the best things about Christmas is how great the whole experience is, from the entertainment to how close the family is around this time :) This has been my post about what I enjoy about Christmas, and I would like to thank Sarah for letting me write a post for her audience. I hope you all have a great Christmas and an amazing New Year!

What are your favourite things about Christmas? 

LittlePinkDuck- xox


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