Monday, 25 December 2017

Christmas Day Photo Diary | Blogmas #25

Merry Christmas Guys! I hope you've all had fabulous days, filled with delicious food and lovely presents, and spending lots of time with your favourite people :) It's been so nice to see what you're all up to on social media today! Christmas is truly such a wonderful tradition! So, I've reached Blogmas Day 25 and I honestly can't believe that I've gotten this far. I've been so close to giving up on it quite a few times this month, but I'm glad that I didn't... I feel a little proud of myself :') I'm not sure if you're supposed to keep going until the end of the December, so I'm just gonna! I've had such a busy day and I'm exhausted now. Christmas is always super taxing when it comes to my fibromyalgia and also my mental health, so all I want to do now is sleep! I thought I'd just share a photo post with you all showing you some snippets of my Christmas Day. I hope that you all enjoy reading! 

The good thing about being an adult and having no children living at my family home is that I don't have to get up to check if Santa Clause has come at ridiculous o'clock in the morning, hahaha! It was of course marvelous when I was little, but when you have insomnia and eventually got to sleep at a little past 4am, you do not want to be getting up at 6! I went downstairs to open my Christmas presents at half 9, wearing my extremely cosy new unicorn onesie from Yours Clothing. It's pink and fuzzy and soft and so so warm! I love it and I felt very snug opening all of my presents in it :) I was certainly spoilt and got such lovely gifts, including the ones I'd asked for: Gemma Correll's feminist activity book (which is fabulous by the way!), a 3D printed bulbasaur planter and a haul from UK based kawaii website, Cutesy Kink. I love all of my prezzies, but my absolute favourites were the feminist activity book, a Neko Atsume bag, a super cute Spirited Away No Face pen and some of my other stationery bits! 

After opening up my presents, I spent a few hours listening to Christmas music and having a good old sing along, so that was really fun! I feel sorry for my neighbours, oops :D I also did some singing along to Rammstein, because German metal is good for all occasions! Oooh and I also taught myself how to say Merry Christmas in German... Frohe Weihnachten!

Later my house got pretty hectic with three of my older brothers there, my niece, my mom and dad, plus my sister & I, so I spent the day in and out of the festivities because it gets a little overwhelming for my anxiety. I did have a great day though! The food was scrumptious, and it was awesome spending time with my niece :) Anyhow, here are some photographs from my Christmas Day! 

I got my rabbits so many Christmassy themed toys and chews from Pets at Home, and they got an abundance of parsnip and carrot peelings as well as brussel sprouts, which they adore so much, especially my oldest furbaby Malakai! I bought a lot of treats, but I just decided to give them two kinds today... some little dried banana nibbles and some heart shaped ones too! The lucky bunnies were munching all day, and also refusing to stay still for a decent photograph as always XD Managed to take a quick photo of Jacob though as he investigated some brussel sprout pieces!

Christmas Day 2017

Aurora had a great day too! She got to rip up a lot of wrapping paper and help people open their presents. My sister also got her a lot of Christmas goodies! I bought her some presents too but I seem to have lost them somewhere in my bedroom in the process of decorating, so she's going to get another little Christmas from me when I eventually find them :) I got my niece a few things, including one of my Christmas gift baubles that I blogged all about on Saturday. Today she got from me her first ever Funko Pop vinyl; I got her one that she'd said she wanted a while ago... Disney's Cinderella with glasses aka hipster Cinderella! She's also a big fan of the Japanese song Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen (PPAP), so when I spotted this pencil case on Grindstore I couldn't not get it for her. She thought it was hilarious! I too love this cheesy, catchy as heck song, and I am not ashamed of that one bit XD

I was very happy that my mom decided to get some parsnips basically just for me for Christmas dinner this year. I've loved them ever since me & my flatmates in my second year of university made our own Christmas dinner, and I ate them for the first time :) My Christmas dinner was so filling, that I could barely eat some of the dessert, which was trifle. I have no idea how I am managing to now be devouring some chocolates from my quintessential tub of Quality Street. Which chocolate is your favourite everyone? I love the orange creams and the coconut ones! Or do you have another favourite chocolate brand that you always get at Christmas? Among me and my siblings, we all either prefer Quality Street, Celebrations or Heroes, and I don't know how my mom manages to remember who wants which! 

So, I've spent Christmas Day 2017 listening to festive songs (and Rammstein and PPAP and my favourite foreign songs, like Numa Numa by O-Zone!), being constantly pestered by Aurora to play catch with her new toys, eating so much food that I thought I was gonna burst, hiding from social interaction, stroking/petting bunnies who are super fluffy right now in their winter fur... and so much more, and I've very much enjoyed it! I'm looking forward to tomorrow, since we always have a buffet on Boxing Day *nom nom*. Also let me know in the comments guys if you want me to share a post about what I got for Christmas. 

I hope everyone had a fantastic day, and that you have another one tomorrow whatever you do! How do you all spend Boxing Day? 

Thankyou for reading!

 What did Santa Clause bring you all this year?

What to you is the best food on your Christmas dinner plate?

I'd love to hear all about your day! What did you do? 
Do you have any special festive traditions?


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