Friday, 1 December 2017

Lush Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb Review | Blogmas #1

Happy Friday guys! Woohoo, today officially marks the first day of Christmas for many people. including myself. It's not that I'm not excited sooner, it's just that I love Halloween and I like to leave all of my decorations up for a little longer than needed haha! The beginning of December means that it's time to get the tree and decorations up soon, to get into the festive spirit, to play your favourite Christmas songs loud and have a good sing along, and to start the hectic rush to finish gathering all of your presents to pop under the tree! (Unless you are super organised and therefore amazing! Please, give me your secret!!). I mentioned on my previous post that I would be taking part in Blogmas, a challenge where bloggers aim to share a post every single day of this month. For today's entry from me, I'm going to be sharing my thoughts on my first ever Lush jelly bomb! I picked it up a while ago and it's been so tough to hold off using it, but I wanted to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas period with a festive-themed bath. So earlier today, I gave myself some very much needed TLC and soaked for a while with the 'Snow Fairy' jelly bomb. I hope that you enjoy reading all about it! 

I was really curious about what these latest Lush creations would be like. I've had my eyes on the Snow Fairy one and also the 'Dark Arts' Harry Potter inspired one for a while now, but I just had to choose the Snow Fairy one when I was in store because it smelt seriously so good! I have been after some of Snow Fairy products for ages and I'm a little sad that they no longer sell the dusting powder of this fragrance in little bottles anymore! I thought I'd treat myself to the jelly bomb instead so I can still enjoy the scent at least :) I am a big fan of sweet smells, and the Snow Fairy bathbomb contains what the Lush website lists as 'synthetic musk' with notes of 'bubblegum' and 'candy floss' and not much else. To me, I can definitely smell the candy floss and also marshmallow, maybe even subtle hints of vanilla too. Have you ever smelt any of the Snow Fairy Lush products? If so, what would you describe it as? Essentially though, it just makes your bathroom and you smell like a sweet shop! 

The description for the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb on the Lush website is... 'Sail away on a bubblegum sea in a boat made of candy floss and fairy dust. Get in the bath and cast this jelly bomb into the water, watching clouds of skin softening jelly swirl around you like enchanted snow drifts. Soak in the sweet pink waters and float away to Neverland'. How dreamy is that description though!? It sounds very fairytale-esque, I love it!!

Something I love about the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb is that it's such a pretty colour! I knew that the bath art it created would be pink, but I was wowed by just how much pink there actually was! It looked fabulous and was very similar to any other Lush bathbomb to be honest. I didn't have a clue what the Jelly element would be in this bath product range, and I was actually a little nervous that it would create a layer of weird, smile-like stuff on top of the water. Not because I don't want to play in jelly because that sounds super fun, it's just that my OCD has always caused me to dislike the feel of certain textures, and it would be too late to do much about it once I'd gotten into the water... other than get out of course, but I wanted a relaxing bath so it would have sucked to have to go through the whole filling-up-the-bath process again. 

I hadn't read the description on the Lush product page before using the Jelly Bomb so it was a surprise for me to discover that there wasn't too much Jelly at all inside these bathbombs, and as the Snow Fairy dissolved, it left a few bright pink 'blobs' around the top of the water. On one hand, I am happy about that because of what I mentioned about my concern over the texture, but it could also have been disappointing for someone else using the product expecting lots of jelly to play about in. I did think that there was going to be more myself! One thing that I really liked about this Jelly Bomb thought was that when all of the little bits of jelly had fizzled away, what was left was bath water with a lovely, silky smooth texture to it that actually felt really nice on my skin. I really liked this about the product and it's made me want to try another! Anyhow, I think it's about time that I showed you the bath art that the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb creates... 

Just as the Lush website described there was certainly a 'cloud' effect with all of the swirls of white. The little pink specs that you can see, especially in the photograph above are jelly, all of the darker hot-pink coloured things are jelly and the rest of the pink is just like the colouration that you get from a standard Lush bathbomb. It made a gorgeous-looking bath that's for sure, and after all of the 'art' had faded away, you were left with pink water which is always wonderful. I didn't get any photographs of that stage because my bathroom was filling up with steam making it difficult to get clear photographs, plus I didn't want to end up damaging my camera. 

In my opinion, the Snow Fairy jelly bath bomb does live up to it's description, all of those swirly pale and dark pink patterns with whirls of 'fluffy' white to make me think of candy mountains and sweet-filled wonderlands, which I would definitely feature in my own Neverland fairytale. My fabulous friend Aaron describes the bath art as looking like 'raspberry ripple ice-cream' and it totally does!

The jelly aspect was an interesting experience and I now want to try some other Jelly Bombs to see how they compare. I love the smell so so much! It lasted for a very long time in the bathroom, and it left my skin smelling yummy! It had me wishing that Lush made candles because I neeeed this fragrance around me at all times :) 

I'm going to have to buy another of these to stock up for after the Christmas season because it's lovely and I'm kind of sad that mine has now gone, even though I had a lovely bath, ft. snowflake cookie Yankee Candles, plus vanilla and macadamia body wash that smells heavenly! It was all about the fantastic fragrances this bath time for me, haha! I hope you've all enjoyed reading :) Please do let me know if I've made you want to try this product for yourselves! 

Thankyou for reading! 

What's your favourite Lush Christmas product? 

Or do you have a recommendation for another brand of Christmas bath goods?
I'm always looking to try new bathbombs!



  1. I am not a huge Lush fan but I do love a good bath bomb. I will have to check out this one!

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