Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Blogmas Day 2 | 26 Festive Blog Post Ideas

It's time for my first Christmas-themed blog post! I LOVE everything about Christmas... the bright lights covering people's houses, the shops filled with decorations, noseying at everyone's Christmas tree photos on facebook, festive candles, buying presents for my friends & family, lots of yummy food, Christmas movies on TV... I could go on listing things I love about this time of year forever! I'm really looking forward to blogging this month! I've got lots of festive blog posts planned, so I thought I'd share some with you. Let me know if you use any :) I'd love to have a read. 

1.  Festive Baking 
There's so many different treats that are traditionally eaten at Christmas time. Have a go at making some of your favourite festive snacks and maybe do a step-by-step post. 

2. Are you visiting a Christmas Market? 
 Take lots of photos, show us what you did there & what you bought. 

3. Christmas-themed cocktails 
Do you have a favourite festive drink? Try making it yourself or with your friends & show us how you made it. 

4. Make your own Christmas Crackers. 

5. Gone on a festive shopping trip? 
Tell us about your day & what you bought.  

6. Christmas DIY 
... a homemade snowglobe, festive bunting... there's lots of inspiration on Pinterest. 

7. Are you making your own Christmas dinner? 
Blog about it... Share your recipes :) 

8. Make your own Christmas Cards.

9. Planning on visiting a Winter Wonderland or Santa's Grotto? 
Take lots of photos. Have you ever worked at one of these? Blog about your experience & share photos of your festive uniform. 

10. Have you ever been on a festive holiday? 
Tell us all about it. 

11. Show off your Christmas tree & decorations.

12. What are your favourite Christmas movies?

13. What's on your Christmas wishlist?

14. Write a themed gift guide 
(for men, for women, for craft lovers, for under £20, etc.)

15. Do you have a planner? 
If so, show us your December set-up.

16. Have you visited a Christmas lights switch on? Or decorated your house with lights? 

17. If you're invited to a Christmas Party this year or are hosting one yourself, tell us all about it. 
What did you wear? Was it a fancy dress party? Did you do a secret santa with your friends?

18. Christmas Throwback

19. What are your top 5 Christmas songs?

20. Your winter make-up look

21. Do a Christmas Tag 
 (as a blog post or a vlog). 

22. 'Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!'
If it snows this December & you go outside to play then tell us all about it :)
Did you build a snowman or go sledging? If it doesn't snow, post of some throwback photos of your favourite festive snow memories. 

23. Your favourite winter coat, hat, scarf or gloves.

24. Are you doing anything for charity this Christmas? Tell us all about it. 

25. A Day in the Life of You: Christmas Day 

26. What Christmas presents did you get?

Thankyou for reading & Merry Christmas! (It may be too early to say that, but I don't care haha)


I can't wait to read everyone's Christmas posts!


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