Sunday, 6 December 2015

Blogmas Day 6 | Christmas Presents For Rabbits

As some of you may have discovered by now, I LOVE rabbits! They are so full of personality & just look so adorable! I am a rabbit mama myself :) I have 11 bunnies: Malakai, Jacob, Ben, Blossom, Clyde, Abe, Poko, Missy, Topaz, Moomin & the baby of the bunch, Foxy. For the last 3 years, I was studying at uni and living on a student budget struggling to buy my family & friends Christmas presents! It was such a shame because I couldn't get my rabbits as much as I'd have liked, so this year now that I'm back home, I'm able to spoil them.... and spoil them I will! A few weeks ago, I did a Christmas present haul at Pets At Home and today for blogmas day 6, I thought I'd show you all what I bought. If you enjoy this post, please let me know & I'll do more rabbit presents posts because I will definitely be getting more gifts before Christmas. 

I was so excited when I spotted these small pet advent calendars! I didn't know they existed for rodents & rabbits since I'd only ever seen dog and cat ones in shops. I was impressed that they were only £2 each, too! The chocolates inside are quite big so can be broken into pieces so one calendar is enough for a couple of pets to share. I've decided not to give my bunnies the chocolate treats everyday; instead I wait a few days so with my three calendars, there's enough chocolate for all of my bunnies to have a whole chocolate treat to themselves. 

The rest of the items I bought are Christmas-themed rabbit chew toys. I bought 2 xmas loofah characters, 2 xmas snowflakes, a xmas hanging star and a pack of xmas wooden chews. 

I was so happy with all of the choice available in the Pets at Home Christmas range for small pets. I've never had this much selection for my rabbits before! Growing up, I was jealous of all the dog and cat products filling the stores at this time of year and only being able to find one Christmas tree shaped treat for my pets. Pets at Home had such cute products... just look how adorable the penguin & christmas tree loofah chews are! I'm very happy with the detail & colour of them and was so glad I was sent two different characters (because I wasn't able to choose which ones I wanted when ordering online). I also love that I could get a 3 pack of wooden chews, all different characters, for only £2. The quality of all of the chew toys is great, but I know my bunnies will destroy them within a couple of days haha :) they love their chew toys! At least I know they get a few days use of these products compared to other chew toys I've tried which were not as good and made from cheaper materials.

 I like how the red hanging star and the snowflakes come with a little wooden hook attached so I can easily hang them on the doors of my rabbits' hutches; as they are made of wood after my rabbits have shredded and nibbled the chews to pieces, they can then chew the hooks too. 

Overall, I really liked the Christmas gifts I could get for my rabbits this year from Pets at Home. I just wish that shops made Christmas gifts for reptiles :( Who else agrees?


What have you got your pets for Christmas?  

* Some of the items featured in the post are no longer available online because they were very popular, but you may be able to find the items at your local Pets at Home Store.


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