Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Boxing Day 2015

Christmas is over and New Year is on it's way! I've been spending the last few days resting and recuperating from Christmas Day and Boxing Day, colouring illustrations in my new colouring books and pretty much non-stop reading Divergent until the early hours of the morning! Even though I had such a fun time, dealing with the events of Christmas was exhausting on both my physical and mental health. I don't talk about depression much but it makes some days really difficult, and Boxing Day was definitely one of those days. So I'm writing this post to highlight all of the great things about the day and to share with you all how my family spend Boxing Day. What do you do on Boxing Day? Of course, I started the day with a lie in and spent the whole day in my PJs :)

Every year of my life, we have always had a big buffet on Boxing Day. On the days leading up to Christmas, I am more excited for this than Christmas dinner. We use the left-over turkey from the day before to make sandwiches and we have all the delicious nibbles that traditionally go on buffets. As usual, my brothers and my nieces and nephews came over and the house was really hectic! It was nice to listen to my nieces and nephew talk about Father Christmas and all of the presents they'd received. My nieces were thrilled that my mum had bought them each a rainbow alpacasso, because they absolutely love mine :) 

This is not even the full buffet! We couldn't fit some of it on our tiny dining room table. Looking at these photos is making me so hungry right now! After stuffing ourselves with food, some of my family played board games and hearing my nephew getting so excited that he won one of the games was so cute! He was telling everyone haha I spent the afternoon editing blog photos, writing up my What I got for Christmas post and watching movies on TV. So, that's how I spent my Boxing Day!

I forgot to show you all this awesome Christmas present that my mum put together for me. I love it! Knowing me, it will not last as long as it should but I can always re-fill it! Did you get any homemade style presents this year?

Thankyou for reading!


If you've written a post all about how you spent Christmas and/or Boxing Day, please me know :) I love having a good old nosey at what everyone else has been up to. 



  1. This post has made me so hungry haha this looks amazing!! I'd be more excited for this than Christmas dinner too, I love getting cheese, pickle and sausage all on the one stick. I swear this is like porn for me. xx

    Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thanks :)It was like torture not being able to start eating before everything was finished being cooked & prepared! My mum wouldn't let anyone touch it :D


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