Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Blogmas Day 8 | Manchester Christmas Markets

Yesterday, me & my mum went to the Manchester Christmas Markets and we had such a lovely time! I went to the markets for the first time last year with my best friend, but my mum had never been before so I was happy to share the experience with her. This time I managed to visit all of the markets, I think haha :) The Markets are so beautiful especially in the evening when it's dark, when all of the traditional European wooden stalls are lit up. Since many of the stalls are German, Dutch or French, it feels like you are in another country for a while, surrounded by foreign foods and signs written in a different languages. It's awesome! The stalls are filled with Christmas decorations, statues or ornaments and unique crafty, handmade gifts. You'll definitely be able to find your friends & family presents that they likely won't have seen in the shops. There are also stalls selling hot food, festive hot drinks, beer and a massive variety of sweet treats. Today's post is going to be photo heavy because I want you all to see how lovely the Market is

I hope you all enjoyed my photos! I was in my element yesterday being able to take my camera along with me. I haven't been anywhere for a while that was a great opportunity for photography and I'd miss it so much. Nature & animal photography is my thing but I still really enjoyed taking photos at the market. I was like an excited child because of all the gorgeous items on the stalls and sweet things everywhere! I absolutely adore traditional wooden decorations and they were everywhere! I couldn't resist going home with one! Last year, I went to the Dutch waffle stall to get a delicious warm nutella covered waffle and of course I had to go back this year. I also bought some of the marshmallow treats shown in the last two photos. Be aware that everything is quite expensive at the markets so if you want to buy things, make sure you save up your pennies :) 

Thankyou for reading. 
  Tomorrow I'll be posting about what I bought at the markets (& I also nipped into the Arndale Shopping Centre to visit a few of my favourite stores before heading to the Markets). 

 Have you been to the Manchester Christmas Markets this year? 
Or any other Christmas Markets?



  1. This Christmas market looks amazing! :D

    Emily / The Mini Mermaid

    1. It really is so lovely! I recommend going if you get the chance :)


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