Thursday, 24 December 2015

Blogmas Day 24 | Strawberry Santas

Happy Christmas Eve! 

 I'm in such an excited mood right now! I cannot wait for tomorrow! I'm also making my gingerbread house later today so I'm really looking forward to that even though it was really difficult last year to get the walls of the house to stick together and I'm not the best at putting together things that require accuracy so it took a long time to complete it, but at the end I get to decorate it and that's the best part. For today's blogmas I'm going to show you the adorable Strawberry Santas that I made yesterday evening. I was inspired to make them because of this year's Aldi Christmas advert and I love the way they turned out (even if they are a little messy!). 

They were really easy to make and will look great sitting on the table with the rest of your Christmas food. The original recipes all include cream cheese but I don't like cheese (unless it's red leicester, which is the only cheese I'll eat other than Walkers cheese & onion and Wotsits crisps. I'm a very fussy eater!) so I tweaked the recipe to suite me. Here is a link to the proper recipe :) This is what I used to make my little strawberry santas... 

To make each of my Santa's, I used large strawberries and whipping cream. I chopped the green tops off and then cut the strawberries so that I would have one part for the body and a pointed part for the hat. Then I simply whipped the creamed using an electric whisk and using a spoon placed a blob of cream on top of one half of the strawberry, sat the hat part on top and then added a tiny bit of cream to the top of the hat. I also attempted to use the cream to make buttons on the Santa's but as you can see from my photo, I didn't do a very good job of that but I'm sure you'll all be much neater than me when making your own haha :) Finally, I popped 2 chocolate chips into the cream to make eyes, and when I'd completed all of my strawberries I sprinkled some icing sugar over them to look like snow. 

 Here's is my finished Strawberry Santa Gang! They are so cute! 


 Have you done any festive baking or making this year?
What's your favourite Christmas treat?


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