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Blogmas Day 12 | Favourite Christmas Movies

Apologises for posting so late today. I'm feeling very poorly with a chest infection and I fell asleep earlier when I should have been writing this post! Today's blogmas post will be all about my top 5 Christmas movies. Most of my favourite festive films could be considered not very Christmassy at all, but I always remember watching them on TV in December and they remind me of Christmas. I also love watching cheesy Christmas movies, like the ones shown on the channel Christmas 24. I can't believe that I haven't watched a Christmas movie this year yet! Planning this post has made me really want to watch some so I know what I'm doing tomorrow afternoon. I hope you all enjoy reading. What's your favourite Christmas Movie? 

  The Grinch

This is my favourite Christmas movie of all time! I love it so much that I can happily watch it several times at Christmas and probably anytime throughout the year! Jim Carrey is an amazing, hilarious actor and he plays the character so well. The Grinch always has me laughing so much I can't breathe! I really enjoy the movie adaptations of books by Dr. Seuss; they are such quirky stories. I love the costume designs and props used in this movie. I wish I lived in Whoville at Christmas... the decorations and Christmas trees in the movie are so gorgeous. I love the ending of the movie & how everything turns out for the Grinch. How adorable is little Taylor Momsen playing Cindy Lou Who? I used to love singing along to 'Where are you Christmas?' (well, I still do, haha). I really like the original version by Faith Hill, it's one of my most loved Christmas songs. 

   The Nightmare Before Christmas

I know I included this on my favourite Halloween movies list but it's also a Christmassy movie & I'm happy with any excuse to watch it. I love how excited Jack Skellington is when he discovers Christmas town! It reminds me of how excited I get around Christmas Time. I love the way Christmas town is portrayed in the movie, all jolly and full of magic & fun. I think the expression on Jack's face when he sees Christmas for the first time is so adorable... oh, and when he hides inside the snowman! I love the song 'What's this?', the lyrics remind me of all the little things that make Christmas special & what a lovely tradition it is. I feel sorry for Jack that he wants to celebrate Christmas and it doesn't go to plan. I also think Zero makes a great substitute for Rudolph :p 


This is another Christmas movie I will never get bored of watching every year! Will Ferrell is extremely funny and the main character, Buddy the Elf, is so sweet and lovable. He is just so innocent and comes out with the cutest things... like when he says 'I just like to smile. Smiling's my favourite'. Another of my favourite quotes from Elf is 'The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear'... I most definitely embrace this and I never stop singing festive songs at this time of year (my family are probably all very appreciative! haha). Buddy makes me remember how exciting Christmas used to be when I believed in Santa and Magic and Flying Reindeer and thought that they actually ate the cookies & carrots that we left for them. I think it's hilarious when Buddy shouts 'SANTA! Santa's coming! I know him'... and I always say this to whoever I'm with when I see someone dressed as Santa :) Peter Dinklage is also in the movie (which makes me happy)... the entire meeting scene with his character & Buddy is one of the most hilarious parts of the movie.


Although this isn't a very Christmassy movie, I love it so much and the opening song 'Christmas' by Darlene Love is another of my favourite Christmas songs. It has me reminiscing about my childhood Christmas memories as soon as I hear it. It's such a unique movie... I've never seen anything similar. Gizmo is just sooooo bloody adorable! I very much wanted my own pet mogwai when I was younger. I used to have an awesome teddy of the evil mogwai, Stripe when I was around 8 years old... it was so cool because you could turn it inside out and switch it to the Gremlin. For some reason, my favourite mogwai was Stripe, even though he is the leader of all the evil Gremlins. Nowadays, I'm team gizmo. This movie is always on around Christmas and I recommend that you watch it if you haven't already (if you enjoy comedy horrors).

  Edward Scissorhands

The final movie in my top five favourite Christmas movies is another that is set at Christmas time but Christmas is not the main focus of the movie. I love Tim Burton movies, they are so strange and beautifully written with such interesting characters and fascinating storylines. Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder played their roles perfectly! It's such an emotional story and it doesn't take long to fall in love with Edward. I love the scene when Edward is carving the angel ice sculpture which is making snow and Kim (played by Winona Ryder) is dancing in it. Whenever I'm outside when it's snowing, that scene always pops into my mind. 

Thanks for reading!


Which is your favourite movie out of my top five
What's your favourite Christmas movie?


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