Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Blogmas Day 21 | My Bedroom Decorations

On the days leading up to Christmas I'm getting more and more busy, which is making posting everyday for blogmas a challenge. Yesterday, I was feeling really under the weather and after having a few stressful days, it had really taken it's toll on my health. I was having a bad flare up and was in pain for most of the day, and with Sunday being a tiring day anyway because my family all come over for Sunday dinner, I decided to catch up on reading blog posts and in the evening, to relax and watching TV. Today's blogmas post is going to be about the Christmas decorations that I've put up in my bedroom this year to make it feel more festive and keep me in a Christmassy mood. I haven't got many up but I wanted to share some photographs with you anyhow :) I hope you all enjoy!

How pretty is this snowflake garland? It reminds me of Disney's Frozen and it perfectly matches the blue and cream wallpaper on one of the walls of my bedroom. I got it from The Works. 

 I picked up these two Christmassy wall decorations from a local pound store and I love how bright and colourful they are. It's also awesome that they have 3D details and lots of glitter!

I purchased this festive bunting today when I was out shopping and it's so adorable! I would have got a photograph of the whole bunting but my room was so messy haha each little triangle has a different character on; my favourite is the snowman I wish it would snow this year!

After seeing an alpacasso Christmas tree the other day, I really wanted to put this little alpacasso in my mini tree to add a little kawaii touch. My other decorations include a pack of multi-coloured 'Nordic' style baubles from B&M Bargains, some lovely wooden reindeers from The Works, mini multi-coloured tree lights that my mum got me from a pound shop and a few of the old decorations that we've had for years.

 I love this gingerbread man! I bought him last year to hang up in my room at uni and I thought he'd look fantastic on top of my tree! He's so adorable! 

Here is a full view of my mini tree looking very messy! Who else has a mini tree? 

Thankyou for reading! Tomorrow, I'll be doing some festive baking! 


If you've written a post about your Christmas decorations 
or made a vlogmas video, please let me know :) 



  1. So cute! I especially love the snowflake garland. It reminds me a bit of Frozen, too. I've been listening to the soundtrack in my car everyday :)

    - Courtney

    1. Thankyou :) The soundtrack is great! I love 'Love is an Open Door' :) It never gets old, no matter how much I listen to it. Do you have a favourite Frozen song?

  2. I love your decorations! That tree is so cute x hope you have a great Christmas x



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