Saturday, 26 December 2015

Blogmas Day 25 | My Christmas Day

Heya Everyone! I hope you had a fantastic day and that Santa brought you all some awesome presents! I love reading about what others do on Christmas Day so I thought I'd do a quick post about what I did before I head off to bed. I'm exhausted! Had a fun day, ate lots of yummy food and received lovely presents

I was woken up at 7am just like every year, which I'm not very happy about at the time haha I don't sleep very well so I've usually only had a few hours sleep by that time. Even though we've all grown up, we have to get up early because for years now my sister has popped around to one of our neighbour's houses to celebrate Christmas morning with the little boy she used to babysit. We get up early so we can open all our presents together before she leaves. 

I was delighted with all of the gifts I was given this year. They are so great! I was really happy as soon as I spotted that my mum had bought the Disney Tsum Tsum gift bag that I'd wanted so much!. Tomorrow, I'll be writing a post showing you some of my presents so for now, I'll just tell you a few of my favourites :) I got lots of Tsum Tsum stationary, all of which is absolutely adorable. My mum also bought me a massive jar and filled with loads of pick 'n' mix sweets! I got the Disney Alice in Wonderland vans that I'd asked for and I can't wait to wear them. What was your favourite Christmas present? 

After opening my presents, having some breakfast and listening to Christmas songs on TV, I went for a nice relaxin' bath. If you follow me on instagram, I'll have seen that I used my Lush butter bear bathbomb. It was interesting that it was filled with little bits that floated around the bath and it smelt nice. I also decided to use some of my Peeping Santa bubble bar (also from Lush). How cute is it!? I almost decided not to use it because I didn't want to break him up. This was the first bubble bar that I've used and next time, I think I'll chop them up before going for my bath because I had a little dilemma when trying to break off a bit of the Santa. I managed to make it sort of explode everywhere! Bits of red sent flying all over the bathroom :D But after that, I really enjoyed having a red bath that smelt like strawberries. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon munching on some of the chocolate I'd received from my family and watching movies on Film 4. I'm a massive fan of Studio Ghibli movies and at this time of year, Film 4 shows lots of their movies which is fantastic! I love that they sometimes air the Japanese version of the movie with subtitles because I prefer watching them in Japanese :) Do you like Ghibli movies? Today, they showed Howl's Moving Castle. I also watched School of Rock later in the day. Before writing this post, I watched the last ever episode of Downton Abbey!! I can't believe it's over and I was a emotional wreck throughout the entire show. I won't say anymore as some of you may have been too busy to watch it tonight and I don't want to spoil it for ya. I wish it could have gone on forever, or at least a little while longer!

It's not very often that I actually like many of the selfies I take so I was really happy when I took these photos and felt confident about the way I looked. I'm wearing Rimmel's Starry Eyed 128 lipstick, which matched the Burgundy dress I was wearing. I wore my lovely christmas jumper too for most of the day. 

My bunnies enjoyed gnawing and attempting to destroy their Christmas presents! I decided not to give my rabbits the chocolates from their advent calendars for the last couple of days so I'd have enough to give them all a few each. I wish I had some photos of my bunnies with their presents but it started raining not long after I'd gone outside :( It's such a shame because I also wanted to take my annual Christmas themed rabbit photos. My rabbits are in for a treat tomorrow when they get all the carrots and brussel sprout bits from Christmas dinner.

Here's my Christmas dinner. It was so delicious! I also had some trifle for dessert :) I can't wait for tomorrow's food. I know a lot of people traditionally have a Christmas Eve buffet but we've always had ours on Boxing Day and I'm really looking forward to it. Do you have a buffet around Christmas time? Do you have yours on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day? 

Before I end this post, I wanted to show off the gingerbread house that I made yesterday. I didn't bake the gingerbread from scratch... I purchased one of those 'build your own' sets, and I'm really quite proud of my finished house. It's so colourful! 

Thankyou for reading! 

Please let me know if you've blogged about your Christmas Day, I'd love to have a read. 


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