Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Blogmas Day 14 | Ordinary December Day

I missed a day of blogmas yesterday. Oops >.< I wasn't feeling very well. I have a chest infection that is making me feel so run down, and as some of you may know I have a condition called Fibromyalgia which unfortunately always flares up when I'm ill so I spent all day feeling achy and exhausted. Sunday is very hectic at my house; my brothers and my nieces and nephews come over for Sunday Roast. Yesterday was also my nephew's birthday so there was no time to blog until everyone had gone home and by then, all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch and watch TV. I was still productive yesterday though! I finally joined twitter (only took me years haha) ... I added a twitter button to my social media icons, and I joined the awesome blogger's #GirlGang. 

Today's blogmas post isn't going to be as Christmassy as usual, it's going to be about how I spent my day. I went shopping in my local town centre, which is quite small and doesn't have too many shops but in my current state, I definitely didn't want to go to the shopping centre in the next town with it being a week before Christmas and likely very crowded. I needed to pick up a few festive things such as gift tags, fancy bows and ribbons for wrapping presents, christmas chocolates, decorations and a few little extra presents for my friends & family. Here are some of the things I bought: 

 I made my first gingerbread house last year and had a fun time struggling to put it all together! I was quite proud of how it looked when I'd finished it and I wanted to start a little tradition of making one every year. This is a bigger kit than I had last year and has more sweets and the most adorable little gingerbread men to stick on. I bought it from Iceland for £6. Let me know if any of you have a go at making your own gingerbread houses. I'd love to see some photos when they are finished! 

I love tins of biscuits, especially ones with lovely festive designs meaning I couldn't resist purchasing this at Quality Save, which is a great discount store very similar to Home Bargains. This tin is full of scrumptious Danish butter cookies which I can't wait to tuck into whilst watching some Christmas movies. You get a good amount & selection of biscuits so it was a fabulous deal at only £1.99. 

Another reason Quality Save is such a great store is that it sells lots of Christmas goodies for fantastic prices. I bought quite a lot of sweets and chocolate, but I can't show them all to you because they were bought as Christmas presents for my family & friends. I did however treat myself to these yummy marshmallow lollies. How adorable is the snowman? I also picked up some Christmas gift bags and a pack of shiny green, red, silver and gold gift bows and ribbons. I popped into card factory afterwards to get a pack of gift tags and some more gift bags, too. I would have bought a few more products from Card Factory but it is sooooo busy at this time of year!

I've been searching for some cute slipper socks all month and was delighted when I spotted these in Asda today. I love socks like these... how the picture joins up when you put your feet together and I'm looking forward to wearing them. I was a little embarassed in the store because these socks were at the bottom off a cardboard display with lots of other designs of slipper socks and when I went to unhook my socks, the whole plastic hanger thing holding a bunch of them fell off! So I knelt on the floor trying my best to push the hanger back into the cardboard display but it was not happening :O this display was next to the self service checkouts so people were watching me as they were queuing! Thankfully, a shop assistant came walking by and after having to say 'excuse me?' in my quiet, anxious voice quite a few times as the store was so loud, he took the bundle of socks from me and reassured me that it had been happening all day! Just typical that these things always happen to me hahaha #storyofmylife

The final thing on my checklist was some Christmas decorations for my bedroom so I went to the pound shop and found two cute decorations that were really glittery and I thought would look great on my wall. I'll be doing a blogmas post on my bedroom decorations soon :) Before heading home, I decided to have a look around the Market which has been decorated with lovely gold and red garlands, lots of wreaths and an awesome tree. I love how all of the stall owners have also put a few decorations up on their stalls; I felt very Christmassy walking through the market. The last item that I purchased was one of the hand-painted figures in the photo above. They look like they took so much time and effort to paint and were on display to raise money for a little boy. I was very glad to hear that lots of people had bought a figure that day and a good amount of money had been raised. 

Yesterday I opened a Christmas package that one of my wonderful friends sent me filled with lots of yummy snacks, an adorable postcard showing some of the primates that live at a National Park in Vietnam (I love it! I collect postcards & this one has a beautiful Slow Loris on) and a gorgeous chameleon 3D bookmark. My friends know me so well! 

So, that's how my day went. How was yours? 
I hope you all enjoyed reading!

Has anyone else opened any Christmas presents early? If so, what did you get?  


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