Sunday, 20 December 2015

Blogmas Day 19 | Christmas Decorations

Here comes the obligatory Christmas decorations post :) This year the colour theme of our tree is red and gold, which is my favourite! For the last few years, we've had blue and silver decorations or had a tree that would be perfect for a Barbie house! I really love red and gold decorations because they look lovely together and traditional, and go well with a green tree which is another thing we haven't had for a while as we've had a white Christmas tree. Some of the red and gold decorations we have are special to me as we have had them since I was a child so I'm glad that we've been able to use them this time. 

I'm really happy that I've finally been able to write this post! We've had so many setbacks when it came to putting up the tree. We ordered a tree which arrived damaged with some of the branches completely bare and then the section where the top half of the tree is connected to the bottom half was dented so that it wouldn't fit. After sending it back, we then couldn't find our tree lights anywhere! Luckily we got a lovely tree from Asda with lights already attached which is convenient. It looks really nice, too. Today's post is going to be pic heavy; I hope reading it gets you all in a Christmassy mood. Not long to go now 'til Santa pays us a visit! :) 

  This decoration has always been my favourite!

I bought this beautiful wooden decoration for my mum when I went on a trip in my first year of university to the Natural History Museum. I think it's gorgeous!

This decoration is one of the oldest on our tree; my mum bought it around 25 years ago! I'm not religious, but I think the Nativity story is lovely and this decoration is beautiful and delicate. It has a hole in the base that you put one of the Christmas tree light bulbs into and it elluminates the whole decoration.

My wonderful penpal sent me these gorgeous glittery owl decorations


We've had this lovely Father Christmas & Reindeers garland for as long as I can remember. It's adorable, especially with all the little teddies. We put it up over the fireplace and it's so eyecatching!

Finally, below is a photograph of our awesome Christmas tree.

I hope you all enjoyed reading.

What is your favourite decoration?  



  1. These decorations are so cute! I love your tree! Hope you have a lovely Christmas sweetie x

    1. Hi :) Thankyou so much! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas too!

  2. My house is silver & blue this year so our homes are opposites atm haha! I'm not religious either but I do think that nativity decoration is lovely. As always I'm down for anything involving deer/owls so I think it all looks good. Red & gold always brings out the proper Christmassy feels I think. xx

    Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog

    1. I love the silver & blue theme too but it was nice to have a change this year. Thankyou :)

      I adore owl decorations! Next year, I want to decorate my mini tree with woodland animal decorations. I've seen so many in shops this year x

  3. I love your decorations! The snowflake bunting is so adorable and I love your Jack Skellington :) xx

    Sophie Elizabeth


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