Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Blogmas Day 7 | 30 things I love about Christmas

Apologies for posting this a day late! I went to Manchester Christmas Markets yesterday & I was so exhausted when I got home that all I wanted to do was have a brew and curl up on the sofa to watch TV. I had a great time at the Markets and I'll blogging about it later for Blogmas Day 8. I hope you all enjoy this post. What are your favourite things about Christmas? Here are mine:

(1) All the Christmas Preparation: 
Buying decorations, christmas PJs, buying presents & wrapping them all!

(2) Christmas snailmail
I love sending & receiving festive themed letters/parcels filled with gifts and collecting Christmas poscards.

(3) The fact that all of the shops are filled with decorations & other Christmas products; it just makes me so excited everytime I go out shopping!

(4) Filling my house with decorations

(5) Putting up the Christmas tree

(6) Christmas Movies
I love how cheesy & happy they are!

(7) Sending & receiving Christmas cards

(8) Making paper snowflakes to stick on my bedroom window

(9) Candy Canes (I LOVE them!)

(10) When the Royal Mail releases their Christmas stamps 

(11) All the fantastic wrapping paper and Christmas themed gift tags, bows & ribbons available at this time of year

(12) Advent Calendars (an excuse to eat Chocolate everyday!)

(13) I love Christmas Music! I have an album on my iPod full of Christmas songs that I just leave on there all year round haha It's great that the music channels are all airing Christmas playlists as soon as it's December 1st. 

(14) Visiting Christmas Markets 

(15) Baking inspiration is everywhere! Which means I can't help but bake :)

(16) Making gingerbread houses 

(17) When massive, beautifully-decorated Christmas trees get put up in town/city centres, shopping centres & train stations.

(18) Taking festive photographs of my rabbits 

(19) When coffee shops bring out all their festive flavours

(20) Christmas scented candles (I love really sweet smells.. At the moment, my favourite is the Yankee Candle Snowflake Cookie one!)

(21) I wear dark coloured clothing all year and the shops are filled with the clothes I prefer in Winter

(22) Christmas Jumpers (they are just so fun!)

(23) That cosy feeling when you are snuggled up with a blanket watching Christmas movies with the fire on, a hot drink in hand surrounded by decorations and the lights twinkling from the Christmas tree in the corner.

(24) It's hot chocolate & marshmallows season

(25) Fluffy slipper socks 

(26) I'm not religious, but I went to a catholic primary & high school and I really love all the Christmas and Nativity hymns. I love hearing carol singers singing them

(27) I love how excited children get about Father Christmas and his reindeers. It's adorable! I miss the fairytale side of Christmas so I'm glad that I have nieces & nephews who still believe so I can forget that I'm a grown up for a while. 

(28) All the festive treats... lindt chocolate reindeers & bears, Cadbury selection boxes, tins of chocolates... so manny yummy things!

(29) The smell of food cooking on Christmas Day whilst I'm opening my presents... & just Christmas food in general.  
(30)  I love watching my loved ones opening their presents and seeing the smiles on their faces ♥ this is the best part of Christmas!

 I thought I'd end this post with some photos I took last Christmas!

If you could only choose one favourite thing about Christmas, what would it be?


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