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Pusheen Christmas Surprise Plushies | Blogmas #24

Happy Christmas Eve guys! I cannot believe just how quickly Christmas has come around this year, and now here we are... it's only one more sleep until the big day! Today I've finally felt really Christmassy and have been in such an excitable mood all day! I've been singing Christmas songs to myself throughout the day too, including now as I type up this post! It's impossible to stop, haha! After unboxing my first ever Pusheen blind boxes by Gund as part of my Spoopy Unboxing Fridays series in October (find my post here), I have been so looking forward getting myself some of the Christmas ones! It's been a real struggle to hold off opening them until today, but it was a lovely way to add some more Christmas spirit into my day so I'm glad that I did! I hope you all enjoy reading my post & that you're having a lovely evening with your loved ones

Pusheen Christmas Surprise Plushies

I sourced my Pusheen mini plush blind boxes from the same sellers as last time I bought them, because they sell them a little cheaper than I can find elsewhere, they are a UK based website and they always deliver my order to me super fast! The store is called Three Little Bears, and it sells a variety of super cute Gund and Disney products :) I bought three this time around, at £6.95 per box, and there's not one plush available that I didn't love! I was very impressed with the quality and just how soft my previous Pusheen mini plush were. I also thought that the unique design of each plush was awesome, and so I was very excited to find out what I would find inside my Christmas Series 5 versions! 

Pusheen Christmas Surprise Plushies

There are eight plushies that you could get inside your box, with one of those being a mystery one (as in it doesn't show you it on the box with all of the others) that is harder to find! I love that these blind boxes include a Stormy kitty plush too, because it's another adorable cat by the creators of Pusheen :) She's actually Pusheen the cat's sister. How cute! I wanted to mention that I absolutely love the design of the packaging for the Pusheen boxes, specifically this one. I really like the combination of the light and dark pink with the minty blue colour. I also love the little 'designed with love' touch that Gund add to their Pusheen surprise boxes. Anyhow, without further ado, here are the plushies I received...

Omgosh how flippin' cute is the first plush I got!? It's a little reindeer Pusheen, and I just think that her antlers are so precious! I'm lovin' her red 'coat' (I never remember what those things are called) with the white pom-pom. I really like how they've stayed true to Pusheen's original design and just added a couple of festive features. I am a fan of simplistic yet adorable designs, because I think that they look really pretty and not too 'in your face'! I don't know what else to say about this plush other than I love it so much!

This is the Pusheen that I found inside the second box that I opened, and it's always such a relief to discover that you haven't gotten a duplicate! Unrelated but can I just say how cute my mini Christmas erasers are from The Works? I love them and I think they make great additions to my photographs. They even came inside a tiny Christmas tree shaped container! So let's get back on track... look how cute this little festive Pusheen is guys! I am in love with her miniature Santa hat, and love that it's made from a felty material, just like the 'coat' on the reindeer Pusheen. I like that they've used a different material to the main body of the plush. She's holding a bell, which I think is very cute. However, I wish that the bell was maybe a little smaller and more stuffed, because I think it looks kind of too flat. That's probably just something that bothers me though, and it's not a big deal at all because I'm still very happy with the plush :) 

Pusheen Christmas Surprise Plushies

The third and final tiny Pusheen plush that I received in my surprise boxes was this super sweet angel cat! I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that I didn't get Stormy, because I really really wanted her, and also snowman Pusheen! But nevermind, angel Pusheen is lovely :) I'm totally going to use her next year to top my Christmas tree! Again, the simplistic detailing to the original Pusheen look is something that I think is great. Another thing I love about all Pusheen plushies, whether in mini blind box form or one of the larger soft toys, is that they have whiskers like these! Usually, you find that a lot of cat plushies have their whiskers made from a thin clear plastic to achieve a look as close to real feline whiskers as they can, or they draw/stitch on the whiskers. These are unique to the Pusheen products and I like that! 

Pusheen Christmas Surprise Plushies

I am really happy with all of the plushies that I got today, and was seriously surprised that I didn't receive any duplicates because I usually always do whenever I get vinyl figure blind boxes! How adorable do all of these little Pusheen's look lined up next to one another though!? Something that I almost forgot to mention about the Christmas surprise plush is that instead of a keyring, they come with a tag thing so that you can use them as tree decorations! I've already popped them onto our Christmas tree, and they look marvelous! The tag itself is very sturdy and made from a pretty silver thread that is thick and a really good quality. They will fit in with any decoration colour theme as well, in my opinion. 

I think that my favourite of the bunch is the reindeer Pusheen. She just really stands out against the others, and how can I not adore a cat wearing reindeer horns!? I love animals dressed up as others animals! Which one is your favourite? 

I really like the little tongue expression on this reindeer plush & also on the angel plush! Super cute ^.^. I think that I'm going to have to make it a tradition every year now to open a festive-themed blind box on Christmas Eve. It's so fun! I can't wait to see if Gund bring out a 6th series of Christmas Pusheen Surprise boxes soon. I hope that you've all enjoyed reading about the latest additions of my plush collection! Have a wonderful Christmas Day tomorrow guys :) 

Thankyou for reading!

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