Friday, 11 December 2015

Blogmas Day 11 | Christmas Wishlist

I can't believe there's only 2 weeks left until Christmas! I'm really enjoying the preparation for Christmas Day this year and I'm in such a festive mood all the time! I've almost finished getting all of the gifts for my friends & family and I have a feeling that I may end up buying more and more for everyone just because I've had so much fun wrapping gifts and using pretty gift tags that I don't want to stop haha :) For today's blogmas post, I'm doing my usual monthly wishlist but in keeping with the festive theme, it features the presents I'd love to find under the tree this year. I hope you all enjoy reading. 

I'm really interested in having a go at filling in a journal everyday. I used to keep a diary when I was younger and whenever I was having a bad day, I loved reading about some of my favourite memories because it would always cheer me up. Nowadays, I don't think I'd be motivated everyday to write a massive passage about the events of my day so I thought it would be nice to get a journal/memory book that includes a just a small prompt or a question to fill in each day. Most of them are 3 or 5 year journals which I think is awesome. It will be fun to look back when I've completed the journal and see how life has changed over that time. 

I absolutely love the Urban Decay Naked smoky palette! I've always prefered greys and browns when it comes to eyeshadow and this palette includes some lovely colours. My favourite are 'Dagger' & 'Whiskey'. I really hope I can get one of these soon. I've wanted 'Be Jeweled' by Vera Wang since I saw it in Debenhams; I really like the lovely fruity smell of it. How cute is the owl purse from New Look? I'm in need of a little purse for when I'm just quickly popping to the shops and don't want to take my big purse with all my cards in, and I think this would be perfect. I love clip purses. 

One of the anime series that I've loved watching since I was around 7 years old is Dragon Ball Z and my favourite character was always Vegeta. As soon as I found out Funko had released some Dragon Ball Z Pop! figures, I've been on the look out for this one. I searched at Manchester Comic Con and I was sad that I couldn't find it, so it would be great if I got my own little Vegeta for Christmas. I would also love one of these gorgeous Alice in Wonderland white rabbit mugs. I just think it's so pretty and looks like a nice big mug for me to fit lots of tea or coffee in! 

Earlier this year, one of my flatmates recommend we watched Divergent because she really enjoyed it and knew I would too. She was right... I thought it was a great movie which means it's likely a fantastic book so before watching the 2nd movie I'd like to read all the books. A few weeks ago my best friend told me to look up Jeffree Star lipsticks because it came in some really bright colours. There's definitely some stunning colours that I'd love to try, especially in the liquid lipstick range. I've never actually heard of liquid lipstick before (I'm still not the most knowledge when it comes to makeup haha) but the Jeffree Star one has intrigued me as it dries matte and lasts for hours. I loved the description of this colour on the website, 'The colour of crushed berries on ice'. I'm very into berry lipstick shades.

I've been so envious whenever I've seen instagram posts of people's new Disney Vans because they are just so cool! It was difficult to choose a favourite design, but I've decided on the Cheshire Cat pair. These are at the top of my Christmas list & my mum has hinted about them a few times and I'm really excited to see if I've got them! *fingers crossed* The final item on my Christmas wishlist is a Tokidoki Unicorno Blind Box. Lately, I've really enjoyed watching unboxing videos of Tokidoki Blind Boxes which has fueled by new obsession with Unicornos, especially the ones in Series 3. I love surprises so I think the idea of these mystery boxes is fantastic. 

Thankyou for reading!

What's on your Christmas wishlist? 




  1. I love the idea of the one line a day memory book, would be so cool to look back at after having filled it all out. Might buy this for myself! xx

    Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog

    1. I think they are an awesome idea! Treat yourself :)

      There's also a Q&A a day 5 year journal that I've seen on Amazon that looks great. I've asked for one for Christmas so hopefully I get one. If not, I'm definitely going to buy one x


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