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10 Reasons Why You Should Totally Watch The Walking Dead | Blogtober

If you read Thursday's post, you'll know that I'm currently obsessed with horror TV series, The Walking Dead. This awesome show is set in America, after the world has just been struck by a zombie apocalyse. Everyone must now struggle to stay alive whilst their homeland is plagued with the flesh-eating undead. I can't get enough to the show and have been spending all my free time watching it. I've managed to watch almost all of the six seasons in under a week; just ten episodes to go! Since I had my longest binge watching session of the show last night, The Walking Dead is all that I can think about today. This has inspired me to share a post with you all about what I love about The Walking Dead so far, and hopefully make you want to watch it too. I hope you all enjoy reading! *Beware of Spoilers, character gifs* 

10 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Walking Dead

1) Zombies! More Zombies! ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE!

If you enjoy shows filled with the living dead trying to attack and devour every human in sight, then The Walking Dead is probably the show for you! Are you a thrill seeker? Yes? Then, there is definitely lots in this series that will make you jump or have you gripping at the edge of your seat! 


For all of my fellow horror fans, The Walking Dead should definitely satisfy your need for gore, as humans have to fight for survival in a world now overrun with the undead! Kill or Be Killed!If you like weapons & combat scenes, you're in for a treat. 

3) It's one of those shows that has just enough bad stuff happening to your favourite characters without having to worry about your poor heart

The Walking Dead is not one of those cheesy series where everything seems to always go perfect for the main characters, but it doesn't have you shielding your heart from damage and your soul from being destroyed, like the way Game of Thrones does (you know, the having everyone on edge with each episode, no-one is safe sort of cruel game, haha). This show has a great balance! Perfect for me, because I really can't get into corny, cliche plots. 

4) Badass Women

This show has so so many amazing, strong female characters. It's all about the Girl Power! 

 5) #FriendshipGoals

There's been some fabulous friendships formed along the way throughout the series, with people from all sorts of different backgrounds and lifestyles coming together when they probably would never have met each other if it wasn't for their need for survival and to band together with other people in a bid to stay safe. I've loved watching these friendships blossom and develop through each season, and it's even more awesome when it's between people that you didn't think would work well together :) 

6) Compelling Character Storylines

I love the detailed and compelling background stories of all of the characters, of their life experiences and why they are the people they are. I also really enjoy the intricate stories of each character; the show has got me well and truly hooked! The lengths that some of the characters will go to protect their loved ones makes the show so much more engrossing. It's one of those shows that I have to force myself to stop watching, 'just one more episode' extreme, haha!

7) All of the Life Lessons

Because of all of the emotive, enthralling storylines for The Walking Dead characters, the show is packed full of lessons that viewers can take from watching. Important messages about friendship & teamwork, not giving up, forgiveness and how to make sure you don't lose who you are as a person when you have to go through hardships in your life.

8) Mr Daryl Dixon *insert heart-eyed emoji*

Yeah, I'm just pretty much in love with Mr Dixon. My best friend always likes to joke about how I fancy all of the rugged men on movies and series, 'lumberjack types' as she calls them, but it's very much true. She knows me too well :) Daryl is a character that has a 'hidden gem'/heart of gold sort of personality, that makes it impossible not to love him. You'll see when you watch the show! 

9) Rick isn't too bad either ;) 

There's just something about Rick, plus he's hot, haha! I'd elaborate but I don't want to give too many spoilers. Let me know what you think of Rick once you've seen the show. I'd love to hear what my fellow fans think of him, too.

10) Everyone loves to hate a baddie, and The Walking Dead has it's fair share of bad guys and sinister characters!

I have always been someone who is drawn to the bad guys; they are often my favourite characters in the movie or show. I especially love when we learn what has happened to them to make them so ruthless and cruel, and when we get to see things from their point of view. In a series like The Walking Dead, you can quite easily find yourself struggling to decide if you feel bad for some of the 'villains' or whether you hate them! 

So, have you been encouraged to jump on The Walking Dead band wagon, too? I seriously love it! A quick shoutout to my best friend Jess, for being an absolute star & finding gifs for me when my laptop it didn't want to work for me :)

Thankyou for reading!

Are you a fan of zombie horrors? 
Have you ever seen The Walking Dead? Impressions?

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