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The Nightmare Before Christmas Pocket Pop! | Blogtober

Hello lovelies! You may have noticed if you are a regular reader of my blog, that I didn't post about my Pop in a Box subscription last month. I received the sweetest little Pocket Pop! figures that I thought would be perfect for blogtober so I decided to save them until now to share with you all. They are seriously so adorable! I hope you enjoying reading all about them. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Pocket Pop Figures

I am in love with these mini Pop figures so much! Everything is just so much more cuter when it's miniature. I'm a big fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, and have already been listening to the soundtrack so much this month because it immediately gets me feeling all enthusiastic and excited about Halloween. I'm really happy that you get three figures in a lovely presentation tin. If you are unfamiliar with TNBC, these characters are Jack Skellington, Sally and Oogie Boogie (and you need to watch the movie!)  

I am really impressed with the amount of detail that has gone into such small figures and the paintwork is great quality. I always seem to get quite a few messy Pop vinyl's with marks and misaligned paint and these have always been on the standard sized figures, so I was surprised that these tiny figures were done so well.  They are fabulous!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Pocket Pop Figures

The Nightmare Before Christmas Pocket Pop Figures

I love how bold and bright the paintwork is on these three figures; they are so eye-catching! It's awesome how much the figures resemble the movie characters, every little detail is fabulous! The only complaint I have is that because the bodies of Jack & Sally are so light, they can't seem to support the size of their heads! So as you can see, they are difficult to keep standing on their own! 

Sally Pop Figure

The Sally Pocket Pop! is my favourite of the three. I love her colourful patchwork dress and her vibrant red hair and lips. I think it's fantastic that they've managed to add the stitching details on her face and legs, they are so so tiny and neat. Same with her eyelashes! My standard Sally figure is one of my favourites in my current Pop! collection, and this mini Sally is the perfect replica of it. It's a shame though it's tough to get her to stand without tipping over! 

Oogie Boogie Pop Figure

Oogie Boogie is my second favourite character in The Nightmare Before Christmas movie (after Sally) so I'm lovin' that I now have a figure of him to display in my bedroom. I like how bright he is, but I have to admit that I prefer when Oogie is his original brown colour vs his bright green Halloween colour. He's still adorable though. I think it's great that they've designed him to have his hands on his hips, as he's so sassy on the movie and they have added a little of his character into the figure. 

Jack Skellington Pop Figure
Jack Skellington is incredibly cute! I love how his smile fills his entire face and his big black eyes. Plus his pinstripe suit as it reminds me of Beetlejuice, which is a fabulous movie :) They've done a great job of painting his suite too. His frowning eyebrows make him look even more adorable and all spooky for Halloween. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Pocket Pop Figures
As I mentioned earlier, these fantastic Pocket Pops always come in a presentation tin, which looks bloody awesome! I have a thing for tins, haha. At this time of year when all of the fancy Christmas butter cookies are being sold in tins, I buy them just for the tins. I absolutely adore novelty tins. I'm basically a tin hoarder! I'm very glad to add this one to my collection. Overall, I'm over the moon with these figures and I'll definitely be getting more of these mini Pop's in the future. 

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