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Halloween Look #3 | Blogtober

I have finally jumped on The Walking Dead band wagon (about bloody time!) and have been spending most of my nights for the last few days binge watching it! I wasn't really sure what to expect but I didn't think I would like it, that it would be cheesy or something, but nope, I absolutely love it, I'm most definitely hooked, haha! Spending 40+ hours constantly watching zombies and gore inspired me to attempt another Halloween Look to share with you all. I hope you all enjoy reading!

Halloween Zombie Make Up Look

The main inspiration for my zombie look came from The Walking Dead, but I also imagined the zombies from comedy thriller movie, Shaun of the Dead (2004). I knew that I wanted to create a living dead look, with blackened eyes and the palest skin, and some sort of wound that would be the site of infection after being attacked by a zombie. I wanted to add lots of blood too! I basically just went with my imagination to see with what I could come up with. It was a pretty easy look to create, and almost all of the make-up I used is not too pricey either. Everyone can create this look! Let me know what you think of my interpretation of a zombie :)

 Products used for my Zombie Look 

 • Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer (Ivory)
 • Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation (Light Porcelian)
 • Manic Panic NYC Pressed White Powder ('Virgin')
 • Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Eyeshadow Palette 'Brixton Brown'
 • Make Up Revolution Redemption Eyeshadow Palette 'Mermaids VS Unicorns'
 Make Up Revolution Redemption Eyeshadow Palette 'Acid Brights'
 Rimmel London Black Kohl Pencil Eyeliner
 • Dose of Colors 'Kiss of Fire' Liquid Matte Lipstick
 • Rimmel London 'Starry Eyed' (128) Lasting Finish Lipstick 
 • Tube of Fake Blood, from Poundland (it's only £1 for two tubes and you get loads!)

 Step-by-Step Instructions for my Zombie Look

1) Apply base make-up: concealer and foundation.
2) Cover face with Manic Panic white powder to create corpse/ghoul complexion; apply this to lips as well.
3) Use a dark brown eye shadow (I used Rimmel's Glam Eyes palette for this), and use to your brush to dab the eye shadow all around the eye to help create a bruised, sunken eye look. Apply this up to the brow, too.
4) Apply a little of this shade under your lips and nose, again to create a bruised look.
5) Next, use a black or charcoal grey shade to darken the 'brusing' in places. Go over the areas that you applied the brown eye shadow too, but gently. Then, to accentuate the bruising, apply the black/charcoal heavier wherever you want to. I did this on the outer corners of my eyes and around my nose. The black shade that I used is from the Make Up Revolution's 'Acid Brights' palette. 
6) New bruising always has areas of purple and/or red so I decided to add this element to my zombie look. Using the Make Up Revolution 'Mermaids VS Unicorns' palette, I dabbed a little of the shimmery deep red shade around the inner corner of my eyes and around my lips.I like the way this finished the 'bruises'.
7) Lastly, before applying the fake blood, I added some black kohl eyeliner to my waterline.

8) Zombies are typically covered in blood so this was the part of my Halloween make up look that I wanted to focus on. 
9) I always apply fake blood by putting some into a bowl and using a cotton bud (Q-tip) to draw it onto my face. I wanted to have a bleeding eyes, nose and mouth as humans in horror movies are usually killed off when bitten by a zombie and given some sort of viral infection that makes them bleed out before death, and then they are resurrected as a zombie. 
10) I gently apply a line of the fake blood faintly wherever I want the blood to be, creating a dripping/trail of blood look. I did this under my nostrils, under my eyes and lips. 
11) I then re-apply thicker blobs of the fake blood over the top of certain areas, to make it look like both dried blood and fresh blood.  

12) Humans are turned into zombies when they are bitten or stratched, so I wanted to add a wound to my cheek. This is where the lipstick came in handy. I drew on a black line using eyeshadow along my cheekbone, I then used my Rimmel London 'Starry Eyed' lipstick, which is a burgundy/reddish brown colour, to draw the outline of the wound. 
13) Next, I used my red liquid lipstick by Dose of Colors to dab around the outside of the wound outline to highlight the edges and smudging it a little with my finger underneath the wound, before filling in the wound with the fake blood. Finally, I created a dripping blood look under the wound. 
14) The finishing touches to my make up involved adding some black eyeshadow around the base of my neck to again resemble bruisng. Then, I dipped my fingertips into the fake blood and rubbed them across my neck/chest. Voila! I was then transformed into a zombie! :)

Here's my finished Zombie Look...

I was so chuffed with how my zombie look turned out, and was pretty proud of myself for not using any tutorials. As you can see from the top right photo, I was really enjoying the look and getting into character! Guess what I'm going to do after I've finished the post? Go on watch more of The Walking Dead! It's all about zombies in my life today :) 

Thankyou for reading!

What's your favourite zombie movie?
Has everyone decided what they are dressing up as for Halloween yet?  

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