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Custom Vampire Fangs by Scarecrow Review | Blogtober

Happy Halloween's Eve everyone! I hope you've all had an awesome weekend, filled with spooky fun :) Last night, I went to my friend's Halloween party, and had a fabulous time, which included getting very drunk, seeing some of my lovely friends that I haven't seen since college, meeting lots of new people and squealing with excitement when the nightclub we were in played Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show! I decided that this year I wanted to dress up as a vampire, and had a little research around online for some decently priced, realistic- looking fangs. There were lots of great reviews for custom vampire fangs by a brand called Scarecrow on Amazon, and after watching a few youtube videos featuring some of their products, I decided to try them out for myself. I thought for Blogtober Day 30, I'd tell you all what I thought of the fangs I bought. Enjoy! 

Custom Vampire Fangs by Scarecrow

Scarecrow sell a few different styles and sizes of fangs, and since I have pretty small teeth I decided to get the 'Small Sexy Deluxe Vampire Fangs'. I paid between £10-£12 for them, I can't remember exactly, from Amazon (here's a link). I was super excited to try them out! Gone are the days when we had to put up with some dreadful cheap plastic fangs that made you drool and not be able to pronounce words whilst you were wearing them! These awesome little fangs come as two individual teeth that you then follow the instructions to mold them so that they are customised for your own teeth. How cute is the packaging though!? How your fangs come in a miniature coffin container :)

Custom Vampire Fangs by Scarecrow

Custom Vampire Fangs by Scarecrow

Custom Vampire Fangs by Scarecrow

Inside the coffin case, you will find your two vampire fangs on a pretty crimson presentation cushion and underneath this are all of the things you'll need to customise them. It's super easy to do! For each tooth, you need to use one capsule of the powder you can see above, using the tiny black container to make up a mixture of molding material. 

Once you have emptied one capsule of powder into the container, you add four drops of the liquid provided. Just a heads up, this stuff smells horrible! Using the wooden stick, you mix the liquid and powder together for 30 seconds until you have a gloopy paste that's similar to toothpaste. You then follow the instrutions in the manual/booklet that comes with the fangs, and once you've customised one tooth, you can make up more adhensive paste for the next tooth. I was really impressed with how quick and simple the whole process was to get two fangs that are molded to fit your teeth.

Custom Vampire Fangs by Scarecrow
I have been fascinated with vampires for as long as I can remember. I have memories of playing make-believe games with my friends at nine or ten years old were we would pretend to be vampires. Bram Stoker's Dracula was the first horror movie that I watched and I have adored the whole folklore surrounding these awesome creatures of the night ever since. It was seriously so awesome to wear these fangs! I literally couldn't stop checking myself out, haha! They look so realistic and neat, and I would seriously recommend this brand for anyone who is looking for some vampire fangs to complete their Halloween costumes, or for the cool kids like me who just want to rock a pair of fangs. What do you think of my fangs?

Things I liked about Scarecrow's Small Sexy Deluxe Vampire Fangs 

• I loved that they looked so neat and presentable.  
They were a great size and fit comfortably into my mouth, without making it uncomfortable to close my mouth or anything like that.
• Some of the molding material seaps out of the sides of the fang and fills in any gaps around your actual tooth, it tells you to leave this so that the fangs are more fitted and I think it makes them look better, and even more realistic.
• They are cute as hell, and definitely made me feel sexy :)
• Once you have molded the fangs to your teeth, you don't need to repeat the process again. They are then fully reusable and they just click in and out of your mouth really easily. 
• I thought that I would struggle to speak with them in, but after around half an hour, I could speak perfectly again. 

Some cons about Scarecrow's Small Sexy Deluxe Vampire Fangs 

• You're not supposed to wear them whilst you drink or eat, as you can damage them and/or stain them. I wanted mine for a Halloween party/night out so I had to risk it, and they did get stained which is a shame. However, they were inexpensive so I didn't mind too much, and I was warned.
• I think that drinking also affected the molding material too, as the fangs fit snug onto my teeth earlier in the night without moving, but after a few hours of drinking, one of them kept falling off. Although this is my fault again, for wearing them whilst drinking. I was considering using some fixodent denture adhensive to make sure that they stayed in place, so I could always do that next time.
• As I mentioned above, some of the molding material squeezes out of the sides of the fang when you are customising them and the instructions tell you to leave this to make sure they fit well, and to only cut off any molding material that is visible on top of your tooth/near your gums with a nail clipper. As this molding material dries hard, it's quite rough and I found that some of the parts in between my teeth that the instructions told me to leave there rubbed against the back of my lip and have given me a blister/sore. I might use a nail file to take away any roughness before wearing them again.

Custom Vampire Fangs by Scarecrow

I really love my custom fangs and it's definitely made me interested in trying out the other styles that the company have available. For a little over £10, these fangs are a fabulous quality, so simple to customise and surprisingly comfortable to wear. I got lots of compliments on them. Happy Halloween for tomorrow guys!

Thankyou for reading! 

Have you ever worn any custom fangs before? Same brand? What did you think?
Also, what's your favourite vampire movie/book/character?  

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  1. These are so cute! I wonder if these types of things have been around forever and there was just little access? Or have people had to go around with drool and lisps with the crap vampire fangs for years for lack of options? Either way, it's nice that they exist, haha! They look fantastic :)

    I also really love Dracula! Dracula and Transylvania are kind of the big reasons why Romania was on my radar for travelling :) Beyond him, though, and Twilight, I don't think I've really ventured into the vampire world. Maybe this year ;)

    Happy Halloween, Sarah!

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    1. Thankyou so much :3 I think they've probably been around for a lot longer than we think but only available at specialist stores or from alternative festivals or something. What would be all do without online shopping!? :D

      Yay, awesome! I'd love to go to Romania one day. I just love to travel around Europe :) You definitely should!

  2. I've always wondered about these! Thanks for the comprehensive review. They look amazing on you.

  3. Dont buy. Stuck on teeth currently. Need dentist

    1. Oh no! I'm sorry this happened to you :O It's never happened to me before & I've bought several, so maybe you got a faulty package? I hope you contact the company directly and see what they have to say!! Shocking :O


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