Thursday, 13 October 2016

Spooky Wishlist | Blogtober

Happy Thursday guys! I hope you've all had a wonderful week so far :) My predictions from the other day came true and I now have a full blown chest infection. It's been horrid! Trying to stick to the Blotober Challenge when you've barely been able to sleep at night is tough! For today's post I'm going to be sharing my monthly wishlist however since it's pretty much Halloween already, a spooky edition of it. It was difficult to narrow the list down to just ten items, because social media is doing a great job of bringing so many awesome Halloween things to my attention, haha. Enjoy!

1. Lace Bat Pendant This necklace is gorgeous, and I would just love to add it to my collection. I'll definitely be rocking it all year around too!

2. Funko Freddy Krueger Pop! Figure Funko has released so many awesome classic horror characters, but this little Freddy is one of my favourites! I love the detail that's gone into his design. 

3. Wildcat Contact Lenses This year, I'm heading to my friend's again for a Halloween Party and I can't wait! I'm struggling to decide what I want to dress up as, but a vampire is one of my ideas. If I do go as a vampire, I would love to get some red contact lenses. I've never worn contact lenses before so it will be cool to see what I'll look like with a different eye colour. I am a little nervous about putting them into my eyes though! 

4. Funko Horror Mystery Minis I have had my eyes on these blind boxes for a while and now seems like a perfect time to get one! Has anyone else bought one of these before? If so, which character did you get?

5. Spooky Bat Garland I recently covered my bedroom walls with Halloween decorations and it felt like there was just something missing, and now I know what... I need some vampire bats on there! Wilkinsons has so many awesome Halloween decorations in stock right now and they are so cheap too. This garland is only £1! 

6. Ghostly Enamel Lapel Pin How adorable is this pin badge!? It's facial expression is literally me right now because it's Halloween Time! The pin badges from the etsy store Nutmeg & Arlo are so lovely; I already have their Mr & Mrs Narwhal pins and would love to own more of their pins.

7. Novelty Gothic Misfortune Cookies I think these little misfortune cookies look awesome! I'm really curious about what the notes inside will say, and what they will taste like.

8. Barry M Lip Paint in Black Seeing all of the Halloween make-up ideas and costumes on Pinterest lately has reminded me that I'm in need of a black lipstick. I've never use Barry M's lipsticks before so I'm looking forward to seeing what they are like. 

9. Yankee Candle 'Candy Corn' Medium Jar I treated myself to some Halloween Yankee voltive candles last year and I absolutely loved the sweet scent of the candy corn one! This year I was determined to get myself a bigger candy corn candle, and I was really happy when I spotted this special medium jar version. I love that it comes in a fancy jar :) Have you tried the Candy Corn and Witches Brew Yankee Candles?

10. Scarecrow Small Vampire Fangs Before writing this post, I spent SO LONG watching youtube videos of fake vampire fangs! I have always been fascinated by vampires and wanted to get some realistic-looking fangs, and these look perfect for the price! If I end up dressing as a vampire for Halloween this year, these will make such a fabulous finishing touch to my outfit.

Thankyou for reading! 

Which is your favourite item on my Spooky Wishlist? 
What Halloween themed items are on your own wishlist right now? 

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  1. I didn't know Yankee did Halloween candles! The only seasonal candles I've seen from them are autumn scents. They're nice, but it would be cool to at least smell some of their others! As for that pendant, I have a friend who would love that, haha! It's just up her alley.

    I can't say that I have any Halloween wishlist items. Though, that may be because I tend to just pick up things from the dollar store when I see them, haha.

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

  2. That bat necklace is amazing! I love Halloween.


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