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October Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist | Blogtober

Hi everyone! I'm so happy that Autumn seems to be finally kicking in in my hometown, the trees are starting to change colour and it looks gorgeous! The apple blossom tree in my garden is now fully embracing the season and all of it's little apples have turned orange-brown. I'm thinking of going for a walk in the woods next week with my camera... I'm already super excited! It's truely fascinating how nature can present itself in so many different shades of colour; and I can't think of anything better than being surrounded by nature, especially when my favourite season is in full swing. Before, I get carried away with myself and fill this entire post with Autumn ramblings, here's my monthly kawaii & geeky wishlist. Enjoy! 

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1. Baby Sloth Shoulder Bag How sweet is this little sloth bag!? I absolutely adore sloths, they are definitely one of my favourite animals. They are just so cute, and I love the sounds that baby sloths make! Have a look on youtube if you haven't heard them yet, you will not be disappointed, haha. Shoulder bags are my preferred kind of bag, and this one would go well with any outfit.

2. Eeveelutions Christmas Jumper I spotted this amazing Christmas jumper on facebook last week, and omg I need it! Vaporeon and Eevee both make it to my top 5 pokemon, and all of the other eeveelutions are super cute, especially when they are wearing little santa hats! I will literally live in this jumper for the whole of December. Unfortunately, the jumper that I originally saw is out of stock now *cry cry* but I've found a similar one!

3. Soft Pika T-Shirt I can spend literally hours on Tee Fury looking at all of the amazing t-shirt designs! There is some absolutely fabulous artwork on there, and I always end up with a massive wishlist once I've finished browsing. I really love the Soft Kitty design that was inspired by The Big Bang Theory, so how could I not love this pikachu version!?

4. Flopsy, Mopsy & Cotton Tail Mug & Tin I have always loved Beatrix Potter ever since I was little, but with it recently being the 150th Anniversary of Beatrix Potter and the release of the Peter Rabbit 50p, it made me want to have a nosey at what merchandise was available :) Although my favourite character/story has always been Squirrel Nutkin, I also love Peter Rabbit and his siblings so as soon as I spotted the mug, I fell in love with it. Also, if you've been a regular follower of my blog, you'll know that I have a thing for tins, and this mug comes with the prettiest pink tin!

5. Animal Masking Tape For a while now, I've been looking for a strong tape with an adorable design to use for packing my snailmail parcels. I have lots of washi tape, but a lot of it is not strong or sticky enough for me not to worry about my parcels popping open when they are on the way to their destinations. When I came across this tape yesterday, I was so happy. It has a lovely animal design and is made specifically for packing things.

6. Always Follow Your Dreams T-Shirt This is another brilliant Tee Fury find! It makes me laugh everytime I look at! I am a big horror fan, with A Nightmare On Elm Street being one of my favourite horror movie series. This t-shirt design is literally perfect for me, as it's horror mixed with kawaii... I mean, look how cute that Freddy is! I love the motivation quote with a twist (if you've seen the movie you'll get it). I also like that the t-shirt is available in brown and grey, because it would be a nice change for me to own a tee that isn't black!

7. Eeveelutions Pin Badge Set EEVEELUTION PIN BADGES!! What is not to love about that!? They are incredibly cute, look well-made and are so colourful. They come in a fantastic presentation box, and you get all nine pins for around £25. What a bargain! I would seriously be so over the moon if I had these in my pin badge collection! I'm curious, who's everyones favourite Eeveelution?

8. Korilakkuma Panda Plushie I've been after a Korilakkuma plush for some time now as I already have a Rilakumma one and he needs a buddie (any excuse to buy more plushies)! I was recently checking if the Shop Kawaii website had any new mamegoma products (because I absolutely adore the san-x character!) and I thought I'd have a browse around the rest of the website! They have some fabulous kawaii plushies! I love love love the design of this Korilakumma in a panda costume. It has the cutest little pink paw prints on it's feet and looks so fluffy and snuggly!

Thankyou for reading!

What your favourite item on my wishlist this month? 
Are you a horror movie fan? If so, I'd love to know your favourite horror movie :) 

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  1. Omg the soft Pikachu t-shirt! LOVE!!! 😍

  2. OMG I am loving the Eeveelutions badges and Christmas jumper! I'd love that Christmas jumper for this year to snuggle in around the house and doing shopping.

    1. I've totally bought the Christmas Jumper :) I hope it arrives soon! x

  3. This is such a cute wishlist, I want it all! Especially the mug and tin!

    Eleanor -

    1. Thanks lovely :) It's such a pretty set, isn't it!?


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