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Halloween Look #1 | Blogtober

I felt in such a Halloween mood today after listening to some of the songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas that I was inspired to start praticing some Halloween make-up look ideas. I've decided to do several blog posts of Halloween looks to help give you all some inspiration for your own costume this year, whether you're going to a party or just fancy dressing up to have a spooky movie night at home. I'm not the best at make-up but I had a great time making myself all vampy today, and I hope you enjoy reading! 

Halloween Make Up Ideas

For my vampire look, I started off by applying my concealer and foundation was usual. My favourite concealer right now is the Rimmel London Wake Me Up concealer, and since I have pale skin, I always go for the lightest shade which for this concealer is Ivory (I think). The foundation that I use is the Rimmel London Match Perfection in Light Porcelian. After applying these, I went straight on to my eye make-up. I knew that I wanted to have the corner of my eyelids in a white or pale grey colour, a slate grey in the middle and the edges in an almost black shade. I am in serious need of some new eye shadow palettes, as at the moment I only have two Revolution ones so I had to make do with them. You can use whatever palette you have to re-create my look as long as you have a few shades of grey. 

The palettes I have are both by Make Up Revolution, the Redemption Palettes in 'Acid Brights' and in 'Mermaids VS Unicorns'. I used the white shadow from the Acid Brights palette for the inner corners of my eyelids, and from the same palette the silver-looking grey shade mixed with a little of the shiny black shade from the Mermaids VS Unicorns palette. Then finally for the outer edge of my eyelid, I used the black eye shadow from the Acid Brights palette. I hope that all makes sense :) 

Halloween Make Up Look

Make Up Revolution Palettes

Next, it was time to do my eyeliner. I prefer to draw the line over the top of my eyelashes with a kohl pencil liner first (my preferred is by Rimmel London), then I go over the top with a liquid eyeliner. I would love some recommendations of brands to try since I've been using the same brand for years now, because I like the 'felt tip' brush it has. I'm a creature of habit, haha! It's from Collection Cosmetics and it's their 'Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner'. It's cheap and does it's job, and I buy it at Wilkinsons. I then added kohl pencil liner to my waterline and decided to line around the inner corner of my eye with liquid liner, like I used to do when I was an emo kid! After applying my mascara, I added some of the black shadow mixed with the silver shade under my eye to give it the complete 'dead eye' look. Oh, I put a little white kohl pencil in the inner corners of my eyes, to make them look bigger.

To give myself more of a vampire look, I decided to route out some powder that I used to wear more often when I wore a lot of goth make-up. It's a pressed white powder by Manic Panic NYC in the shade 'Virgin', which is the palest one available. I bought it from a website called Attitude Clothing and it gives a lovely smooth ghost-white finish to my face. I just applied it on top of my foundation and it really does make you look like a porcelain doll. It's awesome! 

For my lips, it felt only right to use a deep red, and since all the red shades I own are quite bold and bright, I decided to add some black eye shadow over the top of my lipstick. I was  really happy with how it turned out, too. The lipstick I choose to use was a liquid matte lipstick by Dose of Colors in 'Kiss of Fire'. The black eyeshadow really made my lips look like they were covered in dried blood, very vampy :) The final touch to my overall look was created with fake blood. I bought a set of two tubes for £1 from PoundWorld, and I applied it using a cotton bud (or Q tip to my American readers). I drew on the blood in a vein-like pattern under my lips and then trailing from my eyes, since when I googled 'vampire make up' lots of others had done the tears of blood thing. I somehow managed to do a pretty good job of the blood, which I did not expect as intricacy is not my forte! 

Halloween Make Up Ideas

Dose of Colors Kiss of Fire

To create the dripping blood look, I gently drew on the vein-like lines just enough so that you could see the red, and then I went over it with little blobs of the blood, which I smoothed out as I went along, to just layer it a little and to make the lines look more bold and somewhat realistic. Lastly, I dapped some of the blood onto my fingertips and smudged lines againt my neck/chest area, as well as adding some fang marks on my neck as a finishing touch (although you can't see this in my photos). I really enjoyed creating this look and I thought it looked fabulous. I didn't wanna take it off! I have loved vampires since I was in my early teens so the vampire aesthetic is very appealing to me :) 

So without further ado, here is my complete Halloween vampire make-up look... 

Thankyou for reading!


 Who else loves vampires? What's your favourite vampire movie?
Have you ever dressed as a vampire for Halloween?

Also, please let me know if you re-create my Vampire look & tag me in any photos you post; I'd love to see! 

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