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Preparing for Halloween | Blogtober

As soon as it hits October 1st, my mind is instantly made up that it's now officially the beginning of a whole month of Halloween.Who else agrees? Halloween is in my opinion, the best holiday of the year and I am thoroughly excited to fill my life with all things spooky for the next 30 days. For today's blogtober post, I wanted to share with you all some ideas of how you can get yourself into the Halloween spirit. This is definitely a post for my fellow Hallowe'en lovers :) I hope you all enjoy reading!

Blogtober: Preparing for Halloween

Here are some of my suggestions on what you can do to celebrate this Halloween: 

Have a horror movie marathon with your friends
If you're not a fan of horror movies, then have a Tim Burton movie marathon instead!
Or if you're like me, do both :) 
Carve pumpkins
Decorate your home, or your bedroom, with some Halloween decorations: hang-up ghosts & ghouls, cover surfaces in cobwebs, sprinkle some spooky-themed sequins around!
Visit a haunted house
Dress up for Halloween
Make an inspiration board of your fancy dress ideas
Watch Hocus Pocus
Eat or drink something pumpkin flavoured
Listen to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' (watch the music video too!)
Get yourself a Halloween cup to drink out of (Poundland & PoundWorld are great for these!)
Have fun practicing some Halloween make-up ideas
Go on a ghost walk/tour
Bake some Halloween-themed biscuits or cupcakes
Watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show 
Paint your nails black
Eat some Halloween sweets, the shops are full of them at this time of year! Don't forget to get some for Trick-or-Treaters, too!
Get creative and do a Halloween DIY project, such as making your own decorations. For this, Pinterest is your best friend!
Listen to The Monster Mash
Read a spooky story, such as a Goosebumps book from your childhood... who remembers it?
Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas
Decorate your planner/diary/notebook with Halloween stickers
Go to a Halloween party or even organise your own
Make some themed cocktails for the party or your movie marathon
To me, Halloween is basically synonymous with Autumn so I enjoy doing seasonal traditions and activities too, such as lighting an Autumn-themed candle, roasting marshmallows, getting out in nature to fully appreciate all of the beautiful colours outdoors at this time of year, etc. Jumping into a pile of leaves is also great fun!

Thankyou for reading! 


Do you like to celebrate Halloween? 
What's your favourite tradition for this time of year?

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  1. I love the ideas! I wish it was a big holiday in Ukraine...

    1. Thanks! It's a shame that it isn't! Nevermind, you can still celebrate it with your friends... Have a little Halloween party :)

  2. I really don't like Halloween - I never have and I certainly don't see the appeal of Autumn, I actually hate it haha.
    Despite that though I am tempted by some of the things on your list - I will definitely try and watch Hocus Pocus - I love that film! I also will totally be painting my nails black this weekend.

    Goosebumps!! I loved those books - do you remember Point Horror books? Some of those were classic!

    1. hehe I'm glad that I managed to temp you with my list then! :)

      Hocus Pocus is a fabulous movie! Goosebumps was awesome, and actually a little scary too! I only remember reading one, I think it was about a babysitter but that's all I remember XD You've made me want to look out for them in the charity shops and read them. Can you recommend any favourites?


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