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What I got for my Birthday | Blogtober

Yayy! It's the start of October, my favourite month! Not only does my birthday fall in October but it's also Halloween (my favourite holiday of the year) as well as Autumn. I look forward to this month all year round, and it's finally here! It's actually my birthday today guys! I've had such a fantastic day, and I thought it would be nice to share with you all what presents I got as I know I love reading these types of posts on other people's blogs :) I've decided to take part in the Blogtober challenge too, which means I'll be blogging everyday of the month. Enjoy! 


Adorable Wrapping Paper

First of all, how nice is the wrapping paper that my mum used for my presents!! She's amazing ♥ I almost didn't want to open them and risk spoiling the adorable wrapping paper, but thankfully I get to have the rest of the rolls :) These wrapping paper rolls are from Primark, by the way! So, here are all of the lovely gifts that I received...

Adult Colouring Book

What I got for my Birthday

What I got for my Birthday

Kawaii Statiionery

Funko Pop! Pets

Funko Pop! Pets

I feel so lucky to be given such lovely gifts for my birthday! 'Curious Creatures' is the newest colouring book by the very talented Millie Marotta, and it is filled with so many wonderful species, including some animals that I really love: a Patagonian Mara, an Axolotl, Hammerhead Sharks, a Fennec Fox, and much more! I can't wait to start colouring it in. I love the other colouring book too, which also includes wordsearches, as it's perfect for popping into my bag to use whilst travelling. It has the loveliest pasley patterns in.  

Something that I loved is that my mum (with the help of my sister, haha) had a look on a few of my latest montlhy wishlist posts and bought me a few of the things I wanted. I am really happy that she chose the Pusheen notebook and the cosmetics/pencil case as they are so nice. The case looks even nicer in person, the colour of it is gorgeous! I'm looking forward to using the '104 Things to Photograph' book, as there are some pretty interesting prompts in there. How adorable are those Pets Pop vinyl figures too!? I especially love all of the little designs on the Maine Coon cat. I'm in love with my new sparkley unicorn notebook :) It was a gift from my sister's girlfriend, along with the stickers :) 

I wanted to show you some of my favourite Birthday cards, too. I especially love the cards I've been given this year. The pretty blue butterfly card is from my Dad, and I have to say that it's my favourite of them all.  My brother bought me the card with the Two Toed Sloth on, and I am so happy! They are my favourite species of sloth.. just look at that adorable little pig nose and those big eyes :3 My fabulous friend Aaron got me a lovely personalised MoonPig card with a photo of us on the day we went to watch the Eurovision Contest live in Stockholm, Sweden. He added an awesome little message inside that made me giggle, too. A big thankyou to all of my friends and family for making my 24th Birthday so lovely :)

 Thankyou for reading!


What's your favourite thing about October? 
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  1. Aw, such cue gifts! Your friends and family seem to know you quite well :) And the cards are so cute, I love that your friend did the custom card.

    I really like October, as well. Especially now that I'm out of school and am not buried under books and paper. I like the fall leaves and Thanksgiving and Halloween... Plus the air is nice,you get to wear cozy clothes :)

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    1. Thanks! They do, although everyone just usually gets me something cute or animal-related because I will more than likely love it! It was so nice of him because he wasn't even in the country when he ordered it for me. He's studying for his PhD in Astrophysics and he was up a mountain in La Palma working with these massive teloscopes, so it was extra special that I got the card from him <3

      Yayy! Enjoy your break from school :) Thanksgiving sounds like a lovely holiday! <3 Fall leaves are my favourite <3 x


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