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25 Things Before 25 | Blogtober

The other day whilst relaxing in the bath surrounded by the loveliest swirls of pink and blue Lush bathart, I started thinking about how quickly this last year has gone, and it inspired me to write this post. It doesn't feel all that long ago since I had just left university, was preparing for graduation day and spending the summer with my loved ones. I feel like I have achieved so much from then until now but there are still things that I need to work on, like my mental health, and things that I would like to do. Today, for Blogtober post no.6, I will be sharing with you all a bucket list of 25 things that I want to tick off before my 25th Birthday. I always really enjoy reading these kinds of posts, so I hope you all enjoy mine too! 

25 Things Before 25

25 Things To Do Before I'm 25

1) Start learning to drive (which is something that I have been putting off for so long because of my anxiety)
2) See another musical
3) Go on holiday to another country
4) Get better with my German (I currently learning German everyone!)
5) Visit Brighton (I would just really like to visit there, especially to go to Brighton Pride, and I'd also love to visit one of my friends who lives locally). 
6) Learn to knit
7) Eat a macaroon (As if I still haven't tried one yet!)
8) Go to Manchester Comic Con for both days, with a different cosplay for each day (I usually only go on the Saturday)
9) Get another tattoo off my wishlist done
10) Go to another concert
11) Make my own bathbombs (I just really want to have a go at doing this!)
12) Buy my blog domain 
13) Visit a natural history museum
14) Buy some more New Rock boots (I really miss wearing my New Rock boots so it's about time I saved up for some more)
15) Go to a cocktail bar, or at least go to a restaurant that also serves fancy cocktails  
16) Visit a zoo that I have never been to before
17) Learn some sign language (I can sign the ABC in American sign language, but I really want to learn to sign in English)
18) Develop the perfect workout routine for me 
19) Go to a tattoo show/convention
20) Make a youtube video
21) Visit Manchester Metropolitan University on an open day, as I want to study one of their Master's degrees eventually.
22) Go on a geocaching adventure, basically take a trip somewhere just to look for caches! 
23) Work more on my anxiety
24) Which includes, getting on a train by myself again (I'd love to be able to overcome my anxiety enough to do this again like I used to) 
25) Another thing that I'd like to overcome my anxiety to do is volunteer work. I would love to do some work experience with animals.

There you go, 25 things that I would love to complete before the start of October next year. It was actually pretty hard to narrow this list down to just 25 things so I have a lot more that I want to achieve by Autumn 2017. Wish me luck! I'd love to hear all about what you want to do before your next Birthday; let me know in the comments :)

Thankyou for reading! 

Is there anything that you really want to do but something is stopping you, whether it's health or money or whatever? What is it? 

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  1. I like macaroons but they are really sweet so like one or two max at a time. I've been driving for over six years so I can't imagine not driving but I'm glad you're willing to force yourself to learn even though you suffer from anxiety!

    S .x

    1. Thanks for the comment :) I can't wait to try macaroons, I'm going to try and find some at a Christmas Market soon! Thankyou x

  2. Love your list! I can knit a little - but I really struggle to follow patterns so I hope you fair better than I did!!
    I used to have a pair of New Rock boots!! I have no idea what happened to them though.

    I look forward to hearing all about you reaching your goals!

    1. Thanks lovely :) hahaha I am probaly going to suck at it!

      Yayyy! That's awesome, but sucks that you don't know what happened to them XD Mine were great, very heavy though! covered in chains and spikes :p but the zips kept breaking and I must have taken them to a shoe shop to be repaired about 5 times and then I gave up. They are currently in a bag under my stairs haha

      I'll definitely keep you updated :) x

  3. Great list! I really need to do this, but I'm 25 next year. Eeeeek!

  4. I love posts like this! It's so fun to read what other people want to do in the next year. Learning another language is something I always want to do, but I usually don't make it past the basics. Hopefully you do with German and Sign Language!


    1. Thanks :) me too! I'm using the app Duolingo, it's really good and it sends me a daily reminders to do at least a 5 minute lesson each day. Thankyou x


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