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Southport Holiday Haul | Blogtober

Happy Saturday Everyone! I hope you've all had an awesome start to your weekends! I ended up being unable to sleep last night so I decided to binge watch as many episodes of Outlander as I could. As a result, I had a well needed lie-in plus had a very unproductive day and I'm not even sorry :) Weekends are for relaxing! What's your favourite thing to do on a lazy weekend? Today's blogtober post is going to be a haul post, because who doesn't love reading about a good haul? I bought quite a few items when I went on holiday to Southport a few weeks ago, mostly stationery as I'm addicted to the stuff! I thought it would be nice to share what I got with you all as I know I love having a good nosey what other people have bought, haha. Enjoy! 

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When we first arrived in Southport train station after a journey filled with the loveliest countryside views, dotted with farms and animals and with cute little towns nestled in the middle of so much greenery, my sister and I were filled with excitement at the fact that there was a Range close by! Under ten minutes walk away, there was a retail park which was so convenient as there was an ASDA for us to get all of our food for our stay in Southport, plus a Range for me to spend a huge chunk of my holiday spending money at! Oops :) As my fellow stationery lovers will know, the Range has some fabulous bits and pieces and I got myself quite a lot of stationery from there. 

On our third day in Southport, we headed into the town to go shopping, too. It had stores like any other typical big town so we popped into places like Primark, the Pound stores, TKMaxx, so many others that I can't remember. Something that I love about visiting new towns especially the popular tourist attraction ones, is that there is usually lots of little souvenir shops and other quirky stores, and I'm a sucker for these places. You can usually find such cool items in these stores. I went into a few but not as many as I'd have like, but that happens when you go shopping with other people who all want to go to different stores, haha.

Stationery Haul

Bright Tropical Stickers

Stationery Haul

SO MUCH STATIONERY! I am so happy with all of the things I found in Southport to use for my snailmail and scrapbooking. I'm also planning to learn how to make flipbooks soon so all of these new stickers and other crafty bits will come in handy! I really love the Peter Rabbit stationery that was available in The Range and I couldn't resist getting the new weekly planner from the collection. I find these big weekly planner pads so useful for my blog planning. Who else uses them? I was really over the moon that I was able to find some autumn themed stickers, too! 

PaperMate make my favourite pens, and I've been after some of their mini Ink Joy pens since I bought the standard ones. These will be really handy for popping into my bag when I'm out and about. You may have spotted the random sweets included in one of the photos above... there was more, but I couldn't resist eating them literally as soon as I got home. The little Nisa store on the Pontins Holiday Camp that we stayed at had lots of sweets that I haven't seen for years. It was so nostaglic to see so many of the sweets I loved when I was a kid, so I couldn't not buy some!

Kawaii Stationery

Raiin Monkey Holiday Haul

Holiday Haul

Hello Kitty Activity Books

How adorable are those Japanese doll notebooks? I love all things kawaii & Japanese so I had to buy them. I love how bright they are, and they are glittery too which is always nice. I got them at the Nisa store at Pontins, along with the character pin badges in the next photo. I collect pin badges so I'm always looking for more to add to my collection. I bought the pug notebooks from Card Factory because I love the neon colours of the covers! They were either £1 or £1.50 for a set of three. I found this Mighty Boose DVD in one of the pound stores and it's got the Old Gregg episode on which is my favourite! Who else watched The Mighty Boose? Did you have a best episode? Omgosh, I was so happy when I found these Halloween stickers in a little souvenir shop; I really wish I'd bought more than one sheet! Things need to be covered in spoopy, adorable Halloween stickers right now. 

I know I'm 24 years old and I know that these Hello Kitty activity books are aimed at children, but I don't care :) haha I will forever be a Hello Kitty fan and I needed these in my life, especially when they were all reduced to £1 in a book store clearance sale. A few days before I went on holiday, my best friend and I were talking about maybe doing the Jelly Bean Challenge after discussing a video one of our favourite youtubers did. The Jelly Bean Challenge involves getting some of Jelly Belly's Boozled Beans, which include 20 flavours of beans, in only 10 colours. Each bean is matched with another bean of the same colour so you don't know which flavour you are going to get. Trouble is, 10 of the available flavours are gross. For example, there is a dog food flavoured bean paired with a chocolate pudding bean. The challenge is to eat the beans without knowing what the flavour will be, and we thought it could quite fun to do! It just happened that when I got to Southport, the Nisa store on the holiday camp had these very beans for sale! When we are brave enough, we are going to attempt the challenge. Wish us luck! 

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Novelty Bathbombs

Dream Catcher, Beautiful Dream Catcher,

Here are a few other items that I picked up on my holiday. I was in need of some things to prepare for Halloween, and I was really happy to find Halloween themed sequins available again this year in Pound World, as they are great to sprinkle into snailmail packages, as well as all around my bedroom. A little annoying to clean up after Halloween though! Who else decorates their bedroom for Halloween? I just had to get these duck bathbombs, purely because they are shaped like ducks and for no other reason!  

I bought this beautiful dream catcher from a group of street musicians who by the sounds of it were playing music with Peruvian wood flutes which sounds so beautiful. The same group pop up in many seaside tourist towns across Lancashire, I've seen them in Blackpool before, and they sell such lovely dream catchers and jewellery. I find it almost impossible to walk past and not buy one of these. I have a blue one, a brown one and now a purple one :) I used to collect dream catchers when I was a teenager, too. I love my new pikachu bag charm and when buying it, I had an awesome chat with the shop owner telling her all about what Pokemon was and showing her the Pokemon Go game. She was fascinated when I caught a pokemon in her store :) I love nerding out about Pokemon, so it was a great conversation. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed reading this rambly post all about what I bought on my holiday.

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  1. What is it about stationery?! Literally can not help but spend money on it. I mean my fave item in this haul is the Pikachu charm (by default) but the pug notebooks and the papermate pens woulda been in my basket too.

    Are you gonna film the jellybean challenge!??! xx

    Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog

  2. Aww I love all the Peter Rabbit goodies you picked up! I'll definitely have to check out The Range next time I'm by one. ^_^


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