Sunday, 23 October 2016

Lush Autumn Leaf Bathbomb Review | Blogtober

Happy Sunday! I hope you've all had a brilliant weekend :) I've spent mine literally eating, blogging, watching The Walking Dead and sleeping. It's been great! I'm still recovering from some sort of flu which has caused a flare up of my fibromyalgia, and as a result I've been in so much pain for days! I decided to have a bath to help ease my aching body, and was super excited about trying another of my new Lush bathbombs from my recent haul. I chose the Autumn Leaf bathbomb from Lush's Autumn collection and wanted to share with you all what I thought about it. Enjoy! 

Lush Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb Review

Firstly, how awesome is the design of this bathbomb!? It looks so cool and I couldn't resist getting myself one! Autumn is my favourite season and one of the many reasons why is down to the leaves, the gorgeous colours that all of the flora changes to after the Autumnal Equinox. The colours of this bathbomb remind me of the first signs that Autumn is upon us, when the green leaves start to be slowly taken over by rich yellows, oranges, browns and reds. The smell of the Autumn Leaf bathbomb is also a perfect match! A mixture of forest fragrances and citrus, which reminds me of Autumn baking. The ingredients that make up this great bathbomb include sandalwood, Japanese maple, bergamot and neroli (the latter two being from the citrus family). As soon as the bathbomb hits the water, these scents are fully released and the bathroom is filled with the loveliest earthy smell. So without further ado, here's what the bathbomb looks like in the bath...

Lush Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb Review

The colours that come out of the Autumn Leaf bathbomb are amazing, so vibrant and eye-catching. I was definitely impressed! The yellows and reds make me picture being surrounded by a forest in it's full Autumn glory, which is literally my favourite place to be in the world. The way the colours swirled out of the batbomb made it look kind of like a shooting star with a trail of fiery sunset tones! After the bathbomb had dissolved away, the water was left a earthy brown colour, which made me think of little ponds dotted around a woods. It was so relaxing to be surrounded by the scents the oils inside this bathbomb created and it made me really want to go to the local woods! I recommend that everyone who enjoy taking baths to go and get themselves an Autumn Leaf bath bomb before they run out! 

 Thankyou for reading! 

Have you tried this bathbomb for yourself yet?
What's your favourite thing about Autumn? Describe the prettiest autumn leaf you've ever seen to me :)  

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  1. Oh I love the colours that come out of this, so pretty and you're right, they're just the kind of colours I think of when I think of autumn. So pretty. - Tasha

  2. It's just gorgeous, isn't it!? :) Thanks x


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